Running in Chicago

At first sight, Chicago doesn’t look like a perfect city for running. However, there are some nice routes that are perfect for a little run in the morning. When I went running in Chicago, there was another problem: Ice! As it was freezing cold in Chicago for weeks and there were tons of snow, only a few routes were easy to run. The others were more a very special experience!

When it comes to running in a metropolis like Chicago, I always have a look at the city map first, so I can run to some special places.

  • Distance: 7.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 200 Meters
  • Calories burned: 400-500
  • Month: February
  • Weather: Clear Sky

Starting at The Langham Chicago, I had two different options and went for the more interesting one in my opinion: Running on the Magnificent Mile and exploring Navy Pier.

My jogging route in Chicago (tracked by Runtastic)

My jogging route in Chicago (tracked by Runtastic)

However, the run was way tougher than I expected due to the bad conditions with a lot of snow and icy paths.

Exploring the Magnificent Mile

You may know that Chicago is known for its skyscrapers. This is something I also experienced while running in Chicago.

The first kilometer on my way to and on the Magnificent Mile meant running in between dozens of skyscrapers. The Mag Mile was nice to run at in the morning as it was not as busy as it is in the afternoon. However, I decided to run to the Navy Pier after a few hundred meters of the Magnificent Mile.

Running in Chicago

There are some nice parks in Chicago

A very good decision as it turned out as I also found the Jane Adams Memorial Park and the Milton Lee Olive Park. Both looked great for running at first sight, but were way more difficult as it turned out thanks to the bad weather conditions in Chicago.

Exploring beautiful views of icy Chicago

Even though it was extremely slippery in the parks, I decided to follow my path nevertheless as I wanted to enjoy more beautiful views of the skyline of Chicago.

Especially with the icy lake in front of the skyline, the views were absolutely unique.

Running in Chicago

The views of the skyline of Chicago were amazing

In the Jane Adams Memorial Park, I did not meet a single person due to the ice on the paths which made running absolutely enjoyable.

Running in Chicago

Running with special conditions: Snow in Chicago

The quiet atmosphere was something I really enjoyed when running in generally very busy Chicago.

Sometimes, the dangers of running on ice are not as much of a problem when considering that you got parks for yourself due to the bad conditions!

Reimagining winter in Chicago

The Chicago Navy Pier was a little disappointment for me as there was not much happening on this morning.

Running in Chicago

There was not much action at the Navy Pier in the morning

However, I once again enjoyed some great views of the skyline of Chicago and the Lake Michigan.

Running in Chicago

Some more stunning views of Lake Michigan

At the same time, the conditions got way better on the Grand Avenue, so running was way easier again. However, this “luck” was gone when I was returning back to The Langham Chicago.

On my way back, I had to pass a construction site as the Navy Pier is getting reimagined. I’m not even sure if it was allowed to run where I was running, but it was an interesting experience nevertheless.

Following the Chicago River

After I exited the area with the construction site at the Navy Pier, I decided to take another way back to The Langham.

Running in Chicago

Following the icy river

As I knew that following the Chicago River would lead me to the hotel, I decided to take that path.

Running in Chicago

Lovely views of Chicago right at the Chicago River

Even though the route right on the river is a little creepy at times and the icy conditions are problem there as well, I really liked the views I was able to enjoy of the skyscrapers in Chicago.

In total, I had a great time running in Chicago even though the run was way more difficult in many regards than I first expected. Sometimes, special experiences only occur when you let them happen, so be sure to also try running in a metropolis like Chicago!


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  1. Wow Chicago looks very nice during winter, love snowy pictures. I’m going summer next year though and your post gave me a few more ideas of what to do!

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    • Great to hear that I’m not the only one who loves running in a city like Chicago. The views are stunning indeed! 🙂

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