Running in Salzburg

Even though I was not blessed with the weather, I decided to have a run in beautiful Salzburg. A very good decision as it occurred as running in Salzburg is a real pleasure. Next to the river Salzach, there are many paths for cyclists and runners only which makes running easy and enjoyable at the same time. But the most important fact about running in Salzburg are the great views for sure.

When running in Salzburg, you got several different opportunities. I took the most enjoyable and at the same time easy one with running right next to the Salzach.

  • Distance: 5.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 65 Meters
  • Calories burned: 300-400
  • Month: February
  • Weather: Cloudy

As there are only a few streets next to the river, there is good air and a nice maritime feeling.

My jogging route in Salzburg (tracked by Runtastic)

My jogging route in Salzburg (tracked by Runtastic)

Even though I was not really lucky with the weather in February, running in Salzburg is something I’d recommend everyone who is visiting Salzburg as the undisclosed views and the sightseeing you can enjoy at the same time makes running a great experience in every regard.

Enjoyable run at the Salzach

I started my run at the Hotel Sacher Salzburg and instantly crossed the river to enjoy the nice views of the Alps in the background.

Running in Salzburg

In February, running in Salzburg can be a little slippery

However, the weather kind of ruined that experience. Nevertheless, the run right on the Salzach on the first two kilometers was a pretty nice one as the river makes running very enjoyable.

It’s really likely to watch the historic buildings nearby the Salzach. Many of these have different colors and a great architecture.

Great views of Salzburg

After I crossed the bridge after approximately 1.5 kilometers, running in Salzburg got even more enjoyable as I admired stunning views of Salzburg and its castle.

Nice views of the city and the castle

Nice views of the city and the castle

As I followed the Salzach, I was able to enjoy these great views all the time. Once again, the only downer was the bad weather that kind of ruined the view. Nevertheless, I was still fascinated by the beautiful historic architecture in Salzburg.

Something like that can’t be found in many cities. One good example is the University of Salzburg that is located next to the Salzach!

Admiring the Alps

As there are not too many brides in Salzburg, I crossed the Salzach once again after 3.5 kilometers. When crossing the river, I was able to admire nice views of the Alps.

The Alps in the background

Salzburg from another perspective

Sadly, the views can’t be enjoyed pretty much on the photos as the weather was just too bad. However, the view of the Salzach with the outskirts of the city was admirable nevertheless.

The views of the nature right at the Salzach were admirable as well

The view of the nature and the Alps in the background was very nice

But views are not everything that makes running in Salzburg absolutely stunning. Sightseeing is another interesting option!

Exploring the inner city

Even though we already stumbled through the inner city the day before (check out our city review for some photos in the sun), I decided to include it in my running guide nevertheless.

The little street, the nice church and buildings like the Kiosk Tomaselli or the birthing house of Mozart were nice to see once again! However, my run had to come to an end. Crossing the Salzach for the very last time, I recognized many love locks on the bridge.

My last impression: Love locks on a bridge in Salzburg

My last impression: Love locks on a bridge in Salzburg

A pretty nice little touch that totally fitted to a very nice run through Salzburg. Bad weather is not always a reason to not enjoy running!


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  1. I’ve been to Salzburg two years ago just before Christmas and it was so beautiful. It almost looked like Santa’s village. I even managed to get lost looking at all the lights and shop windows. I had the best time there, thank you for reminding me of that 🙂

    • That sounds that great. I can fully understand why you loved your time in Salzburg that much. It’s an amazing city! 🙂

  2. Salzburg was one of our favorite cities to visit…what a stunning place! Sounds like a beautiful run. I don’t run much when we travel, but you are right, it’s a great way to fit in exercise and see the more of the city

    • And I see why! It’s such an amazing city. Running was a real pleasure, especially with the amazing views of the Alps 🙂

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