Airline Review: Luxair (regional Economy)

When we had the chance to fly with Luxair (LG), we did not only test the Embraer ERJ-145 jet, but also the slightly bigger Bombardier Dash Q-400, which is a turboprop airplane. Sadly, our experience with Luxair on this flight was not as good as the first one. Even though Luxair still is one of the best regional airlines, there are some things that could be slightly improved.

Luxair sees and advertises itself as a boutique airline – something like the luxury carrier under European airlines. On our Luxair flight with an Embraer ERJ-145 jet, we were flashed by the great service, the good food and the fast and comfortable flight.

  • Airplane: Bombardier Dash Q-400
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Evening
  • Food: Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 31 Inch (79 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17,3 Inch (44 Centimeter)

Sadly, the Dash Q-400 does not offer such an experience – especially because the airplane is way louder and way slower than the Embraer ERJ-145.

Luxair Dash Q-400

Seating in the Luxair Dash Q-400

The seat pitch is still okay and the comfort of the seats could be worse as well, but flying in the Bombardier Dash Q-400 is never really comfortable.

Leather seats and modern interior

Even though we were a little sad that we didn’t have the chance to fly the nice Embraer ERJ-145 yet again, it is worth a mention that the Bombardier Dash Q-400 we flew with was a very modern one which already features the newest interior.

That means that the Luxair Dash Q-400 got large bins and a good lightning. The seats are the same as in the Embraer ERJ-145 and got a decent seat pitch of 30 Inch (76 centimeters) in Economy Class.

Luxair Dash Q-400

Seath pitch when flying Luxair in Economy Class

The seat width and the comfort of the Luxair leather seats is comparable to what other airlines offer.

Boring catering when flying Luxair

Surprisingly, the catering offered by Luxair was a real disappointment on our flight with the Bombardier Dash Q-400.

Luxair Dash Q-400

Little snack on our flight from Luxembourg to Berlin

While we got a fresh and tasty sandwich on our flight from Berlin to Luxembourg, we only got a salty snack on our flight back in the Dash Q-400. It’s interesting to know that Lufthansa does also offer the same kind of snack on domestic flights in Germany.

Luxair Dash Q-400

Lufthansa offers the same snack on domestic flights

The choice of drinks when flying Luxair in Economy Class was still great. Not only can you choose unlimited soft drinks, but Luxair offers also a good wine (white and red) and champagne!

Choice of newspapers in Economy Class

Another great thing when flying with Luxair is that you get a choice of newspapers and magazines when boarding. Several other airlines in Europe don’t offer a similar service in Economy Class when flying on regional routes.

Luxair Dash Q-400

Luxair offers newspapers and magazines onboard

As Luxembourg is very multilingual, there were English, French and German newspapers available. Moreover, there was an Inflight-magazine that had some interesting content. Apart from that, there was no entertainment. This means neither Wi-Fi nor televisions showing films or anything alike were available.

Still good, but not outstanding

Coming to a conclusion of our Luxair flight in the Bombardier Dash Q-400 is a little tough.

Luxair Dash Q-400

Luxair got pretty new Bombardier Dash Q-400 planes

What was offered was still quite good compared to other carriers, but relatively bad compared to our flight in the Embraer ERJ-145. We were missing the good and fresh food on the one hand and the comfort of a jet on the other hand. The Bombardier Dash Q-400 is not a bad airplane, but it’s slightly less comfortable due its noise.

Luxair Dash Q-400

The little farewell present when flying Luxair

However, I’d still recommend flying with Luxair when you got the chance. Which other airline offers champagne and – at times – real food on regional flights?

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