Airport Guide: Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport serves a little less than two million passengers a year. However, it is still the second biggest airport in Austria. Located very close to Salzburg, the airport has a great connection to the city and several holiday destinations in the Alps. Apart from seasonal charter flights, there are also several regular connections, especially to Scandinavia and Germany.

Salzburg Airport is a very special airport as many traffic rights are hold by Germany. That occurs due to the fact that Salzburg Airport is located only two kilometers away from the German border. However, Salzburg Airport is also not far away from the city center of Salzburg.

Salzburg Airport

Niki plays a key role at Salzburg Airport

For locals, the airport offers a wide range of routes to cities all over Europe. Even though many destinations are only seasonal charters, there are also some regular business routes. The most important ones are flights to Vienna with Austrian Airlines and flights to Frankfurt with Lufthansa.

Most important carriers at Salzburg Airport:

  • Air Berlin: Daily flights to Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg
  • Austrian Airlines: Daily flights to Vienna and seasonal flights
  • EasyJet: Regular flights to Berlin and Hamburg and seasonal flights
  • Lufthansa: Daily flights to Frankfurt
  • Niki: Regular and seasonal flights to many holiday destinations

Shopping and eating at Salzburg Airport

Even though Salzburg Airport officially has two terminals, only one is really important. Terminal 2 is very small and is only used in high season to serve charter flights. Due to that, all shopping and dining facilities can be found in Terminal 1. However, passengers departing from Salzburg Airport shouldn’t expect too much. There are only a kiosk and a duty free shop.

Salzburg Airport

There are only a few shops at Salzburg Airport

When it comes to dining, there is a little more choice. There is one restaurant, one bar and a bakery in the terminal. Another restaurant is located close to Salzburg Airport. Other shops and restaurants can be found in malls and the inner city of Salzburg which is pretty close to the airport.

Sleeping at Salzburg Airport

As there are rarely any transfer passengers at Salzburg Airport, the airport does not offer any sleeping facilities. However, you may sleep in the entrance hall of the airport where some benches are available. If you are looking for a more comfortable night when arriving late or departing early, you may look for a hotel nearby.

Hotel Sacher Salzburg Rooms

Hotel Sacher in the city center is a well known luxury hotel in Salzburg

There are a few three and four star hotels near the airport, one is even named Airport Salzburg Hotel. It may be recommendable that you check out the prices for hotels in the city itself as well as the connection to the inner city, which is quite decent with public transportation.

Lounges at Salzburg Airport

At the moment, there are no lounges at Salzburg Airport. However, the airport is said to open an airside lounge in July 2015. It will be located airside with a size of only 80 square meters (861 square feet). There are no information available about lounge access at Salzburg Airport yet.

Transportation at Salzburg Airport

Connections to the inner city from Salzburg Airport are easy by either a private car or public transportation. There are car parking facilities for an extra charge. The trolleybus lines 2 and 10 connect the airport with the city center and central station every 10 minutes on weekdays in the main traffic hours.

Salzburg Airport

The connection to the city center is quite good with buses

The bus rides cost 2.50 (~ 2.85 US-Dollar) and take approximately 15 to 25 minutes depending on where you are going. Taxis to the city center are also available and they make the trip to the city center a little faster, but cost way more than the buses.


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