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Brenners Park-Hotel – this name does not really fit in our preview category as the hotel has a long-standing history. However, with the opening of the Villa Stéphanie earlier this year, Brenners Park-Hotel definitely deserves to get some special attention. With several new rooms and suites, a whole new Spa experience and much more, Brenners Park-Hotel continues its history to be one of the best hotels in Germany.

Brenners Park-Hotel is one of few hotels in Germany that holds full five stars at Tripadvisor even though already gathering hundreds of reviews. Ratings like these don’t make you think that a hotel like Brenners Park-Hotel does really need to change a single thing.

Brenners Park-Hotel Spa

Lounge at Villa Stéphanie (Image Source: Brenners Park-Hotel /

However, the management decided to invest in the renovation of the Villa Stéphanie to make the historic villa a Spa retreat which invites guests of Brenners Park-Hotel to just relax and enjoy. Another great fact about the new Villa Stéphanie are the 15 new rooms that are located in the Spa building.

Contemporary design at Brenners Park-Hotel

The style of the already existing rooms at Brenners Park-Hotel is very classic. Opulent and plush elements are what makes the “normal” rooms at Brenners Park-Hotel great for everyone who loves good old luxury hotels.

However, younger guests and people who love contemporary design will love what the new Villa Stéphanie has to offer. The 15 new rooms, that are separated in three different room categories, are generously sized.

Brenners Park-Hotel Rooms

Deluxe Room Villa Stéphanie (Image Source: Brenners Park-Hotel /

Special features of the rooms at Villa Stéphanie include Nespresso coffee making facilities, balconies with stunning views of the park and a switch for housing without electro smog.

Brenners Park-Hotel Rooms

Villa Stéphanie Suite (Image Source: Brenners Park-Hotel /

The Stéphanie Suites Deluxe are worth a special mention as these don’t only offer incredible 110 square meters (1.184 square feet) of space, but also a private Spa with a sauna and a steam bath.

Classic Dining at Brenners Park-Hotel

Something the new Villa Stéphanie is not offering are dining facilities. You can get tasteful snacks at the Spa, but “real” high cuisine is still served in the main house of Brenners Park-Hotel.

Brenners Park-Hotel Restaurant

Wintergarten Restaurant (Image Source: Brenners Park-Hotel /

However, guests won’t have a problem with that as the choice is more than just decent. Brenners Park-Restaurant is awarded with 17 Gault Millau Points as well as two Michelin Stars, while the “Wintergarten” and “Rive Gauche” offer dining experiences in a more casual atmosphere, but with great delights nevertheless.

Brenners Park-Hotel Restaurant

Salon Lichtental (Image Source: Brenners Park-Hotel /

Last but not least, the opulent “Salon Lichtental”, where breakfast is served, is worth a mention.

Brenners Park-Hotel Restaurant

Oleander-Bar (Image Source: Brenners Park-Hotel /

Not to forget about the “Kaminhalle”, the “Oleander-Bar” and the “Cigar Lounge” – cozy atmosphere and great drinks can make an evening in all these areas a very special one.

The new Spa experience at Villa Stéphanie

It would be wrong to not mention that Brenners Park-Hotel already got a great Spa with a large swimming pool in the main house.

Brenners Park-Hotel Spa

Pool (Image Source: Brenners Park-Hotel /

But what Villa Stéphanie has to offer may hardly be beaten by any other facility in Germany (if we leave out the incredible Schloss Elmau). On 5.000 square meters  (53.820 square feet) and five floors, Villa Stéphanie offers a sauna with 500 square meters (5.382 square feet), a plunge pool, a private gym with the most modern machines available, a large hamam and a sauna for ladies only.

Moreover, there is a library for Spa guests as well as many lounging areas that offer privacy and calm. Apart from these complimentary facilities, there are also treatment rooms with great views of the park and a wide range of different treatments available.

Luxury experiences for a luxury price

Brenners Park-Hotel has always been and will always be one of the most expensive hotels in Germany. If you want to dip into the new plunge pool at Villa Stéphanie, you have to pay at least 255 Euro (~ 290 US-Dollar) a night if traveling solo. The rate is already including taxes, but is without breakfast. Rates for a double room start at 340 Euro (~ 385 US-Dollar) a night.

Brenners Park-Hotel Spa

Sauna Villa Stéphanie (Image Source: Brenners Park-Hotel /

At the very moment, it is not possible to especially book rooms at Villa Stéphanie online, but by calling the hotel. Another option would be booking a room online (either a Superior Room or a Deluxe Room) and mentioning the wish to be booked into Villa Stéphanie. If you like the design of the new rooms, these may be the perfect choice to make your stay at Brenners Park-Hotel absolutely perfect!

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