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Berlin, capital of Germany, has become more and more attractive for tourists in the last years. Admittedly, Berlin may not convince due to a historical old town, but what excels the city of Berlin is its unique flair and atmosphere. The locals are very open-minded, but what is even more important is to immerse in a rich, but dark at the same time, history.

Berlin is one of the biggest cities in Europe and definitely the biggest one in Germany when it comes to the expansion. Due to that, sightseeing is a litte bit tough in Berlin. Whereas in other cities, it is often very easy to reach all main attractions by foot, in Berlin, this is only possibly with public transportation. No worries, it is well developed!

Central Station and Reichstag in Berlin

Berlin’s central station is the biggest one in Europe! It’s an architectural delight – modern, bright and very practical from the inside.

Berlin Central Station

Central Station

Another plus is the fact that the “Regierungsviertel” may be reached by foot within just minutes! I guess the Reichstag and the institutions around have no need to be explained any further.

Brandenburg Gate and Hotel Adlon in Berlin

Once being in the Regierungsviertel, walking to the Brandenburg Gate is very easy. First, it is not far away, approximately five minutes by foot.

Second, it is big and impressive and thus very easy to discover! When we spent some time at Brandenburg Gate, a Berlin Bear entertained the crowd, which was very funny.

Berlin Bear in front of Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Bear in front of Brandenburg Gate

Now, I’m sure you won’t have difficulties to see the world-famous Hotel Adlon!

Hotel Adlon Berlin

Hotel Adlon Berlin

If you’re interested in more about it, you can also read our review of Hotel Adlon Berlin! The prime location is just too obvious!

Unter den Linden in Berlin

Unter den Linden is a very famous street in Berlin, probably like Champs-Élysées in Paris though.


If there is something the locals can’t go along with, demonstrations often follow this path as well.

Berlin TV Tower

Berlin TV Tower is probably one of the most famous things to see in the capital of Germany.

For catching great views of the Tower and Berlin in general, I’d recommend going to the Panorama Punkt Potsdamer Platz. .

Memorial of the Holocaust

As I mentioned before, Berlin has also a dark history. This is thought of at the Holocaust Memorial.

Memorial of the Holocaust

Memorial of the Holocaust

Go there and take a minute to reflect. Even though you were not part of this, I think history concerns everyone. History repeats itself if we don’t learn from it.

Museum Island in Berlin

Talking of history, paying the Museum Island a visit will be totally worth it. Not just look the buildings pretty and are from another century, also the choice of different museums is fascinating.


Even if your time is limited, I guess there is time for at least one of them.

Churches in Berlin

Berlin hosts many churches, like every bigger city.

Anyway, one of it is very special: Emperor William Memorial Church.

This one is a ruined church as it was destroyed during WWII. Also, the location of the church may be practical as it can be found at the end of Kurfürstendamm, a famous shopping mile.

Berlin Zoo

Not far away is also a zoo which awaits your visit. Convince yourself!

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I know this may not be all places worth seeing in the city of Berlin yet, but I guess these are the top things to do there and thus the most popular ones.

Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin

Last but not least, I highly recommend paying Charlottenburg Palace a visit. The area is just beautiful, not to forget about the palace itself!


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