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Cape Weligama is one of the hotspots in Asia that got a lot of attention last year after having opened in October. Well, there is a reason for that as Cape Weligama, located in the South of Sri Lanka, does not only have a unique location, but also boosts luxurious rooms and great cuisine. But what makes Cape Weligama very special is its location with incredible views of the ocean.

Cape Weligama is located 36 meters over the sea level right on the soaring southern cliffs of Sri Lanka. This makes Cape Weligama a very special hotel as the views of the ocean are pretty much unbeatable.

Cape Weligama Rooms

Cape Weligama Residence (Image Source: Cape Weligama /

The pure size of the resort and its spaciousness with being located on 12 manicured acre is stunning as well. But it may be even more unbelievable that on all that space there are only 40 villas and residences. Due to that, guests won’t only feel the luxury of Cape Weligama everywhere, but also the privacy of a real luxury resort.

Incredible villas at Cape Weligama

Luxury resorts usually have great rooms, but what Cape Weligama offers is way more than just that. Nestled in one of the best locations in whole Sri Lanka, Cape Weligama offers 40 retreats, the smallest with a size of incredible 130 square meters (1.399 square feet).

Cape Weligama Rooms

Ocean Residence (Image Source: Cape Weligama /

All villas and residences are built in the style of traditional Sri Lankan houses with terracotta-tiled rooftops. What makes each and every villa special is the shielding of all other guests.

Cape Weligama Rooms

Bathroom (Image Source: Cape Weligama /

As each and every villa at Cape Weligama is free-standing and has a private garden, guests that don’t want to get in contact with anyone can enjoy full privacy.

Cape Weligama Rooms

Private Pool (Image Source: Cape Weligama /

However, leaving the luxury villas which are designed modern with traditional touches and have large bathrooms may be a challenge in itself.

Traditional touches at Cape Weligama

Cape Weligama offers guests a perfect mixture of traditional and luxurious elements. When it comes to dining, there is a wide range of options. For those who want to learn more about the Sri Lankan culture may enjoy a meal at “Kumbuk”, a Sri Lankan style restaurant where guests can still eat with their hands.

Cape Weligama Restaurants

De Maunry (Image Source: Cape Weligama /

For a dinner with knife and fork, everyone staying at Cape Weligama still has a wide choice. “Pola” for example serves fresh fish dishes and some other healthy creations. “De Mauny” is the ocean facing restaurant where guests can watch the cook preparing their food and “Misake” makes guests indulge with great views and Asian food.

Cape Weligama Restaurants

Moon Bar (Image Source: Cape Weligama /

Last but not least, the waterfront “Taylor Pavillion” is worth a mention as this place perfectly connects the luxury of Cape Weligama with the tradition of Sri Lanka in Ceylon Tea experiences.

Ultimate recreation at Cape Weligama

What makes Cape Weligama a pretty much unbeatable hotel are the recreation facilities. It is questionable if any other resort in the world offers a 60-meter crescent-shaped pool.

Cape Weligama Pool

Moon Pool (Image Source: Cape Weligama /

The so-called “Moon Pool” does also offer incredible views of the ocean at day- and also at nighttime. Guests who like more privacy may also enjoy villas with private pools. If the pools and the 270-degree ocean views are not enough recreation, Cape Weligama offers a Spa with a wide range of different treatments for women and men.

Cape Weligama Rooms

View (Image Source: Cape Weligama /

There is also a wide range of activities inside and outside the resort. Cape Weligama for example offers excursions into the wildlife, so guests can feel like making a safari while watching elephants, crocodiles and the famous Sri Lankan leopards!

Pure luxury with many included amenities

Cape Weligama is anything but a cheap resort. Depending on the season, the lowest rates for single occupancy of a Family Junior Suite (the lowest room category) stretch from 570 to 760 US-Dollar (~ 515 to 690 Euro per night). Rates for double occupancy start at 710 US-Dollar (~ 645 Euro) per night in low season (summer). Even though these rates sound pretty crazy for Sri Lanka, they include a wide range of amenities.

Cape Weligama Rooms

Terrace (Image Source: Cape Weligama /

The “no bills to sign” policy of the resort makes it possible that guests enjoy complimentary half board, afternoon cream tea, all beverages around the clock including spirits and wine, snacks, room service, a daily activity, laundry as well as taxes and services. Full board is available for an extra charge of 40 US-Dollar (~35 Euro) per person per night.

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