Transportation in Regensburg

Transportation in Regensburg is quite easy to handle as the city solely relies on buses when it comes to public transportation. Even though Regensburg is one of the biggest cities in Bavaria, there is neither a tram nor a metro. Alternative means of transport in the city include city bikes and boats. However, the latter are only for touristic purposes.

As many cities in Bavaria, public transportation in Regensburg is organized with buses solely. Moreover, there is a wide train system that is connecting Regensburg with other cities in the surrounding countryside and bigger cities like Munich, Frankfurt or Vienna.

Transportation in Regensburg

Regional trains may be used for public transportation purposes, too

The districts Prüfening and Burweinting both got a train station. Due to this, it is possible to use regional trains for public transportation purposes in Regensburg as well.

Buses in Regensburg

The city buses in Regensburg are the most important mode of transportation in the city. Apart from the old town which is traffic-calmed, there are buses connecting all parts of the city with each other. In the old town there is only one, very slow driving bus line that is stopping at major attractions and may be a good option for tourists.

Transportation in Regensburg

Buses are the most important means of transport in Regensburg

Be aware that buses sometimes take longer to get from A to B than pedestrians due to the missing of bridges for buses in some areas of the city. Taking a bus in Regensburg is generally safe and convenient. The buses are colored yellow and are modern all along. Each and every bus uses the low floor technology, making it easy to access the buses.

Taxis in Regensburg

Transportation in Regensburg is also organized by taxis. These are very safe and convenient as well. However, taxis in Regensburg are relatively expensive in comparison to the public transportation by bus (cheapest ticket for 2.30 Euro / ~ 2.50 US-Dollar). The regular base fare for taxis in Regensburg is 3.40 Euro (~ 3.75 US-Dollar).

Transportation in Regensburg

Taxis in Regensburg are pretty expensive

Every further kilometer is charged 1.50 Euro (~ 1.65 US-Dollar). Remember that Regensburg does not have an airport. Due to that, taking a taxi to or from the Nuremberg or Munich Airport can easily cost more than 100 Euro (~ 110 US-Dollar) per ride.

Other means of transport in Regensburg

As many areas in the old town of Regensburg are traffic-calmed, bicycles are a popular mode of transport. For tourists and visitors, there is a possibility to use bikes as well. Several different companies offer bikes for hourly or daily use for a marginal fee compared to other means of transportation.

Transportation in Regensburg

Excursion boats make you great views of the city

What may also be interesting when you are visiting Regensburg on sightseeing purposes is taking one of the excursion boats to explore the Danube and the nature in and around Regensburg. However, excursion boats are generally very expensive.


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