City Guide: Rostock

Rostock is a more or less known city in the North of Germany. Located right at the Baltic Sea, the quality of life in Rostock is very high. Moreover, the historical part of Rostock is really worth seeing! Not to forget about its renowned university when it comes to biology. Rostock is small, Rostock doesn’t experience an influx of tourists and thus, Rostock is really enjoyable for a one-day trip.

However, don’t plan more time to explore Rostock. Everything is easy accessible by foot, distances are not long and there are basically several things to see: The old town, seven churches and the Baltic Sea itself.

Rostock’s historic old town

The old town in Rostock is very historic and to protect that, it is only accessible for pedestrians. Strolling around there is great to enjoy the atmosphere and flair of the city near the Baltic Sea and to get an idea of the architecture of past centuries.

What you can moreover discover in Rostock is the old city wall!

Last but not least, also the University of Rostock as well as the city hall can be found in the pedestrian zone.

Town Hall in Rostock

Town Hall in Rostock

Rostock University

Rostock University

Several churches in Rostock

Rostock is known for its seven churches. However, we only found two and honestly, we didn’t bother searching them all.

Rostock St. Peter's Church

St. Peter’s Church

Rostock’s most important church is St. Peter’s Church (Petrikirche in German). It is located in the oldest part of the city and its history goes back to the 13th century!

Rostock, a city at the Baltic Sea

Everyone likes the sea, whichever it is. So, it’s no surprise we enjoyed a walk next to the Baltic Sea in Rostock! This means also to indulge in history, as shipbuilding has always been an important industry for and in Rostock.

Historical architecture

Last but not least, we captured some random, but good-looking buildings to remain the impressions we gained in and from Rostock.

So, the inner city of Rostock is really worth seeing! If you consider staying at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm to relax, be sure to take some time one day to also visit Rostock!


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