Running in Boston

Running in Boston was something I was looking forward to some time as I heard about the good running conditions in the city. However, I wasn’t expecting that I would be running in Winter Wonderland once again after my journey through Helsinki in January. Anyways, running in Boston was very enjoyable nevertheless, even though the snow made it a little more tough than expected!

Running in the morning is always an advantage over running in the evening, especially when running in a metropolis like Boston.

  • Distance: 8 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 150 Meters
  • Calories burned: 500-600
  • Month: March
  • Weather: Clear Sky

I was lucky enough to not stumble upon many people when running in the morning and I also enjoyed great views due to the sunrise from the start at the Battery Wharf Hotel Boston onwards.

Running in Boston

My jogging route in Boston (tracked by Runtastic)

After the first steps in the Hanover Street, I recognized that running in Boston will definitely be a special experience.

Running in Boston

My run started at the Battery Wharf Hotel Boston

Snow was not the only problem, the slippery paths were much tougher to run, even with shoes dedicated to tough conditions.

Sightseeing while running in Boston

Depending on the hotel I stay at and the city I visit, I always try to include sightseeing in my running routes.

Running in Boston

Severe conditions: Running in Boston was not like any other run

In Boston, I started with Hanover Road where you can find the monument of Paul Revere and the famous Mike’s Pastry (it’s delicious indeed).

After just one kilometer, the skyline of Boston got visible for the very first time. Especially with the snow, it looked absolutely beautiful.

Running in Boston

Great views of the Boston skyline

Another nice landmark worth mentioning is the Traffic Tunnel Administration Building that is also located in the North End area.

Enjoying Boston’s city center

The next areas I explored while running in Boston where the Quincy and the South Market, both located between the city center and Little Italy.

On my way to the city center, I also crossed the Financial District (not very impressive) and Chinatown (a little disappointing compared to other cities in the USA).

Running in Boston

Finally reaching Boston Common

What was way more impressive is Boston Common, the large park in the center of Boston. Running was pretty easy there as the paths were in a good condition.

Another plus were the great views of the city skyline as well as finding beautiful buildings like the State Library.

Admiring the Boston Waterfront

Running in Boston was something like a mixture of sightseeing and nature.

Running in Boston

Cute little squirrel in the Boston Public Garden

After finding a cute little squirrel in the Boston Public Garden, I decided to go back to the hotel on the waterfront.

Running in Boston

Boston “Waterfront”

Well, talking about the waterfront, it is worth a mention that it was pretty much an “icefront”. At first, I didn’t even recognize that the water was close, but soon after I recognized the bridges over the ice.

Well, talking about the ice: At this very point of my run it got a little dangerous. While the paths in the city center were in quite a good condition, the ones at the waterfront were extremely slippery.

Trudging back to the hotel through the snow

Even though I had to watch each and every step while running on the waterfront, I really enjoyed the four kilometers on the waterfront as the views were admirable.

Running in Boston

TD Garden looks impressive from the outside

Moreover, I stumbled upon the TD Garden which looks big, but not very inviting from the outside. Always funny for a vivid traveler and hotel reviewer is finding a building which is associated with Tripadvisor (the headquarters are not far away from Boston, too).

Running in Boston

Tripadvisor in Boston

However, the strangest moment while running in Boston were definitely the last some hundred meters. In the Langone Park, the authorities already lost the fight against the snow and just stopped clearing it.

Anything else but trudging back to the snow wouldn’t have been the perfect end to this very special run through Boston!


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