Airport Guide: Vienna International Airport

Vienna International Airport is the largest airport in Austria and one of the biggest ones in Continental Europe. The infrastructure at Vienna International Airport is very good. In total, passengers departing from Vienna International Airport can reach more than 170 destinations in more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

With more than 22 million passengers each year, Vienna International Airport is by far the biggest airport in Austria and also one of the biggest ones in Continental Europe. This position is cemented due to the presence of two airlines that maintain a hub at the Vienna International Airport.

Salzburg Airport

Niki is the second biggest carrier at Vienna International Airport

Lufthansa’s subsidiary Austrian Airlines and Air Berlin’s subsidiary Niki offer destinations all over the globe. Austrian Airlines has a more international approach, whereas Niki mainly offers flights to touristic destinations throughout Europe.  The presence of low-cost carriers at Vienna International Airport is low compared to other airports in Europe.

Most important airlines at Vienna International Airport:

  • Niki: Holiday and business destinations in Europe and Africa
  • Austrian Airlines: Several destinations in Europe, Asia and America
  • Germanwings: Flights to six German cities
  • Lufthansa: Flights to Frankfurt and Munich
  • Turkish Airlines: Flights to Antalya, Ankara and Istanbul

Shopping and eating at Vienna International Airport

Even though the Vienna International Airport officially has four terminals, this is of no relevance for passengers as all gates are connected with each other landside. This makes shopping at Vienna International Airport way easier. Several shops, from supermarkets to fashion stores, are accessible for passengers and non-passengers alike.

There are dozens of shops at Vienna International Airport

There are dozens of shops at Vienna International Airport

Other shops are located close to the gates. However, the choice is way larger in the so-called Plaza. The same is true for eating at Vienna International Airport. There is a wide range of bakeries, bistros and restaurants in the Plaza. However, several restaurants and bars are located airside and only accessible for passengers.

Sleeping at Vienna International Airport

The Vienna International Airport does not offer dedicated sleeping areas inside the airport. Passengers that wish to spend the airport can do so nevertheless. At several gates, there are comfortable seating arrangements and even some couches. At the end of the terminal, passengers can also find a so-called relaxation room with cots. If you are looking for more comfort, you may opt for one of the hotels nearby.

The seating areas at Vienna International Airport are not really good for sleeping

The seating areas at Vienna International Airport are not really good for sleeping

The official airport hotel that is located right next to the terminals is the NH Vienna Airport, a four star property with prices starting at 75 Euro (~ 82 US-Dollar) on selected nights. There are some other properties some kilometers away. Most of these are a little cheaper, but lack the comfort of the modern NH Vienna Airport.

Lounges at Vienna International Airport

In total, there are ten lounges at Vienna International Airport. The most important area is the one by the biggest carrier at the airport, Austrian Airlines. Passengers holding a Business Class ticket or a frequent flyer membership of any Star Alliance carrier may either access the Austrian HON Circle, Austrian Senator / Star Alliance Gold Lounge or the Austrian Business Lounge.

The Jet Lounge Vienna may be used when flying with Air Berlin or Niki

The Jet Lounge Vienna may be used when flying with Air Berlin or Niki

All these lounges are available in Terminal 3 Schengen and also in the Terminal Non-Schengen Area. Independent lounges include the Grand Danube Lounge (Gates A), the Jet Lounge (Landside), the Air Lounge (Gates D), and the two Sky Lounges (Terminal 3 Schengen & Non-Schengen Area). These lounges are also used by oneworld and SkyTeam carriers as both alliances don’t operate lounges at Vienna International Airport.

Transportation at Vienna International Airport

As already mentioned before, the Vienna International Airport has a great infrastructure. This includes an underground train station. If you want to get from the city center to the airport, you may either use the S-Bahn (25 minutes), the City Airport Train (16 minutes) or long-distance trains (15 minutes). If your destination is not Vienna, you may board long-distance trains that connect the airport to other cities in Austria and even Germany.

Vienna International Airport

The CAT offers the fastest connection to the city center of Vienna

Furthermore, bus services to Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest are offered by private operators. As the Vienna International Airport has a highway connection, getting to the airport by car or taxi is pretty easy as well. However, taxi rides to the city center are more expensive and take longer than the public transportation.

  • Tickets for the CAT cost 12 Euro (~ 13 US-Dollar) for a single ride
  • Tickets for the S-Bahn cost 4.40 Euro (~ 4.80 US-Dollar) for a single ride and allow transfers
  • Taxi rides cost between 30 and 45 Euro (~ 33 to 49 US-Dollar) depending on traffic and destination


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