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Sofitel Montevideo – that’s the name of the newest gem in the heart of Montevideo. The Casino Carrasco, which still is part of the name of Sofitel Montevideo, was one of the most important hotspots in the city for ages. Today, the old palace is shining in new splendor. With just 116 rooms including 23 suites, Sofitel Montevideo is not the biggest, but without any doubt one of the most luxurious hotels in Montevideo.

Sofitel always tries to combine history with pure luxury and modernity. In all parts of the world, Sofitel properties make old buildings and palaces shine again. The Sofitel Montevideo that reopened lately has an even longer official name. It is called Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco and Spa.

Sofitel Montevideo Exterior

Exterior (Image Source: Sofitel Montevideo /

This jolty name is important to make the past of the building play an important role in the presence. The Hotel Casino Carrasco initially opened in 1921 and was the hotspot for the wealthy and beautiful in Montevideo for several decades. After a long renovation, the old queen reopened as Sofitel Montevideo – more beautiful and luxurious than ever before.

Links to the past at Sofitel Montevideo

Sofitel Montevideo has only 116 rooms of which 23 are suites. Even though the hotel was refurbished completely, the rooms still have some links to the past.

Sofitel Montevideo Rooms

Junior Suite (Image Source: Sofitel Montevideo /

Historic elements like chandeliers or hand-painted ceilings are an important touch in the rooms of Sofitel Montevideo.

Sofitel Montevideo Rooms

Superior Room (Image Source: Sofitel Montevideo /

At the same time, all rooms at the Sofitel Montevideo offer large flat screen televisions, high speed internet and modern bathrooms with historic design elements – the perfect link between history and modernity.

Sofitel Montevideo Rooms

Luxury Room (Image Source: Sofitel Montevideo /

The opulence of the rooms and suites at Sofitel Montevideo is viable when just having look on the size of the rooms. Even the smallest category called Superior Room offers spacious 38 square meters (409 square feet) to relax and indulge.

Restaurant 1921 at Sofitel Montevideo

Talking about the past, it is worth a mention that at Sofitel Montevideo, the restaurant was named after the year of the first opening of the opulent Hotel Casino Carrasco.

Sofitel Montevideo Restaurant

Restaurant 1921 (Image Source: Sofitel Montevideo /

Nowadays, Restaurant 1921 still keeps links to the past with an opulent atmosphere with several elements that made luxury in the early 20th century such an experience. However, it is not only the great atmosphere, but also the great cuisine that makes Restaurant 1921 at Sofitel Montevideo one of the best spots to dine in town.

Sofitel Montevideo Bar

Tea Gallery (Image Source: Sofitel Montevideo /

For a cozier atmosphere with less food and more drinks, the Tea Gallery located in the lobby may be a great spot to relax at Sofitel Montevideo.

Modern relaxation at Sofitel Montevideo

Sofitel Montevideo may be a hotel with a rich history, but that doesn’t mean that the hotels doesn’t have modern facilities that didn’t exist when the hotel initially opened in 1921.

Sofitel Montevideo Pool

Pool (Image Source: Sofitel Montevideo /

The best example for that is the Spa area, located in the basement of Sofitel Montevideo. A lovely pool, comfortable loungers and other facilities make this area at Sofitel Montevideo a real place to relax and indulge in pure luxury.

Sofitel Montevideo Spa

Spa Buffet (Image Source: Sofitel Montevideo /

To make the experience even more special, guests of Sofitel Montevideo may book one or another treatment. More sportive guests who do not only want to swim, but also to do some cardio or strength training, may enjoy the state-of-the-art fitness facilities.

Montevideo’s newest luxury hotel

Montevideo has never been a cheap city – not in the past and not in the presence. That may explain why guests of the Sofitel Montevideo have to be on the more wealthy side till today. Room rates on advanced purchase basis start at 244 US-Dollar (~ 225 Euro) including services and tax, but excluding breakfast.

Sofitel Montevideo Rooms

Prestige Suite (Image Source: Sofitel Montevideo /

Flexible rates including breakfast are available from 314 US-Dollar (~ 290 Euro). These rates are for the spacious and cozy Superior Room. Deluxe Rooms and suites at Sofitel Montevideo come with an extra charge. The newest luxury hotel in Montevideo is also the most expensive one, but looking at the facilities, it’s definitely worth the money!

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