Running in Budapest

Shoes on the Danube Bank Budapest

Running in Budapest is something I already enjoyed when visiting the city on Christmas 2013, but it was even more amazing when I had the chance to run there in spring. With the sun shining and a clear sky, Budapest looked very pretty. Something especially great for runners in Budapest is the Margaret Island which is located right in the city center, but feels like running in the nature.

When we visited Budapest, I only had the chance to go running on the very last day of our trip as my baggage was missing after we arrived in Budapest. However, I didn’t regret even a single minute as the weather on the last day was more than just beautiful.

  • Distance: 8 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 100 Meters
  • Calories burned: 450-550
  • Month: March
  • Weather: Partly cloudy

Prepared for a great run, I started my journey at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest right across the Erzsébet Tér.

My jogging route in Budapest (partly tracked by Runtastic)

My jogging route in Budapest (partly tracked by Runtastic)

As it was early in the morning, I was lucky enough to enjoy undisclosed views of the city as only few people were already up exploring beautiful Budapest!

From the inner city to the Danube

When running in Budapest, I decided to have a glimpse on the city center, namely the Vörösmarty Tér with its many shops and restaurants first.

Not very busy: Vörösmarty Tér in the morning

Not very busy: Vörösmarty Tér in the morning

There, I also found the renowned Gerbeaud Café. As the Danube was already very close, I decided to get there as soon as possible.

The renowend Gerbeau Café

The renowend Gerbeaud Café

My first view of Budapest Castle was absolutely stunning and made me look forward to running in the city even more.

A first glimpse of the Budapest Castle

A first glimpse of the Budapest Castle

Just a minute after, I was overtaken by the tram line 2, the renowned historic tram line that offers beautiful views of Budapest and the Danube.

Faster than me: Historic Tram Line 2

Faster than me: Historic Tram Line 2

A few hundred meters later, I arrived at Széchenyi István Tér where several luxury hotels like the Four Seasons Gresham Palace and the Sofitel Budapest are located.

Beauty of the past – crimes of the past

However, what’s even nicer to look at is the beautiful Chain Bridge – one of the most renowned landmarks in Budapest.

Another impressive building nearby is the Hungarian Academy of Sciences which looks absolutely beautiful and dates back to the early 19th century.

Hungary Academy of Science

Hungarian Academy of Science

Talking of beautiful, it was worth mentioning the stunning views of Buda.

Great views of Buda and the Danube

Great views of Buda and the Danube

When running right on the Danube, you’ll also stumble upon something that will make you pause for a moment: The Shoes on the Danube Bank.

This memorial was built to remind people of the crimes of the Nazis and their aides against the Jews who were shot at this place in the Second World War.

Admiring the beautiful Budapest Parliament

After this emotional part of my run in Budapest, I encountered the Budapest Parliament – maybe the most impressive parliament building in the whole world.

Next to the Budapest Parliament, the Olympic Rings in the colors of Hungary are located.

Will the Olympic Games take place in Budapest soon?

Will the Olympic Games take place in Budapest soon?

I didn’t really get why, but it may be a statement for the possible application for the Olympic Summer Games 2024. Maybe the Olympic Marathon one day will follow the route I took when running in Budapest…

Margaret Island and more impressive views

Margaret Island, located between Buda and Pest, is renowned for being one of the nicest recreation islands in whole Europe.

First view of Margaret Island

First view of Margaret Island

On the island, there is pretty much no traffic at all while all routes are prepared for runners and cyclists. Moreover, there are some cafés, restaurants and sports clubs.

A real paradise for all who love strolling or running. As I also wanted to run on the Buda side of Budapest, I only spent a few minutes on the Margaret Island, but once again it was beautiful.

Great views of the suburbs of Budapest

Great views of the suburbs of Budapest

Sadly, I was a little unlucky as the promenade at Buda was not accessible due to construction works.

Construction works kind of ruined my run of the Buda side of the city

Construction works kind of ruined my run of the Buda side of the city

However, I was still able to enjoy some great views of the Parliament once again.

Coming “home” after a great run

Another kilometer further on the Danube, I reached the Chain Bridge once again. This time I also crossed it and enjoyed great views of the Budapest Castle while doing so.

Running up there may be a challenge for my next run in Budapest! However, I already enjoyed this run to the utmost even though I encountered some problems with GPS in the beginning.

With the Danube and beautiful promenades as well as the lovely Margaret Island, Budapest is one of the cities I just love running in. If you got the chance, I can just suppose you to do the same. You’ll love it!


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  1. The Olympic sign and circles and the entire park next to it are called Olympic Park and is dedicated to all the Hungarian athletes who participated in Olympic Games. It has been there for a long time but renovated recently.

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    • Wow, thanks for the helpful information. It’s great to hear that there is a monument that is honoring all the athletes in Hungary!


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