Hotel Preview: Alpina Dolomites

Alpina Dolomites Gardena Health Lodge & Spa is the name of one of the best luxury hotels in the Italian Alps. Located in South Tyrol, Alpina Dolomites combines cozy elements with the luxurious touches of a modern holiday retreat. Opened only in winter and summer, the hotel is perfect for either skiing or hiking, but other activities may be enjoyed while staying at Alpina Dolomites as well.

Located in the Dolomites, part of the Southern Alps, Alpina Dolomites boosts panorama views of the mountains and the valley alike. In a prime location, guests from all over the world can find recreation and peace in a hotel that’s more luxurious than everything else you can find in South Tyrol.

Alpina Dolomites Rooms

Alpina Suite (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

Opened just some months ago, Alpina Dolomites combines the coziness of an alpine chalet with the modernity of a state-of-the-art resort. While wood and other natural elements still play a key role at Alpina Dolomites, guests will definitely also enjoy futuristic bathrooms and the modern furniture in each and every room and suite at Alpina Dolomites.

Coziness at its best at Alpina Dolomites

With just 43 rooms and 13 suites, Alpina Dolomites is one of the smallest Leading Hotels of the World. Nevertheless, the hotel deserves all the praise after its opening in 2011.

Alpina Dolomites Rooms

Exclusive Room (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

Each room is designed in the coziest possible atmosphere with a focus on natural elements like wood and stone. Even the smallest room category features 50 square meters (538 square feet) and marble bathrooms with a bathtub, two sinks and a rain shower.

Alpina Dolomites Rooms

Superior Room (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

Higher room categories also include specials like Terraces with stunning views of the Dolomites and fireplaces that make staying at Alpina Dolomites even cozier.

Alpina Dolomites Rooms

Bathroom (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

As Alpina Dolomites has a lot to offer, it seems that leaving the amazing rooms again may be a tough challenge.

Local ingredients and stunning views

Alpina Dolomites has a unique location far away from civilization. This also means that dining experiences may also be enjoyed inside the hotel. However, the Mountain Restaurant & Stuben with its chef Julian Seeber will try its best to satisfy every guest of Alpina Dolomites.

Alpina Dolomites Restaurant

Mountain Restaurant (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

Local and regional ingredients and only the freshest products make the cuisine at the Mountain Restaurant & Stuben something to definitely write home about. After a great dinner experience at Alpina Dolomites, the inviting Mountain Lounge & Bar is the perfect spot to round off the evening with a great drink – cozy atmosphere with fireplaces guaranteed.

Alpina Dolomites Bar

Mountain Lounge (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

For those staying at Alpina Dolomites in winter, there is also a special restaurant for light snacks, lunch and afternoon tea. The Alpina Chalet, located a few hundred meters away from Alpine Dolomites, offers Mediterranean cuisine right on the slopes.

Relaxing at Alpina Dolomites

Cozy rooms and great spots for dining and drinks. Seems like there is one thing still missing: The impeccable Spa of Alpina Dolomites.

Alpina Dolomites Spa

Pool (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

The so-called Alpina Spa offers everything guests searching for relaxation after a day of hiking or skiing will look for.

Alpina Dolomites Spa

Relaxation Area (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

With a panoramic indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a hot whirlpool as well as sauna and steam bath facilities, there is everything you might wish for.

Alpina Dolomites Spa

Sauna (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

Something that makes Alpina Dolomites very special in this context are the many lounging and relaxation areas that all look extremely comfortable and cozy.

Alpina Dolomites Spa

Whirlpool (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

Last but not least, sportive guests may enjoy the state-of-the-art gym and tensioned guests may enjoy one of the several treatments inspired by natural flavors of the Dolomites.

Pure luxury in the Dolomites

Alpina Dolomites is not only one of the newest, but also one of the most expensive hotels in the Italian Alps. Prices in summer start at 318 Euro (~345 US-Dollar) a night in off season with breakfast, services and taxes included.

Alpina Dolomites Alpina Chalet

Alpina Chalet (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

Rates with half board are available starting from 358 Euro (~ 390 US-Dollar) a night. Full board is also available for an extra charge of 25 Euro (~ 27 US-Dollar) per person. In winter, the prices are higher with rooms available starting at 400 Euro (~ 435 US-Dollar) including half board in off season. In peak season, for example on Christmas, prices may easily double up.

Alpina Dolomites Rooms

Molignon Suite (Image Source: Alpina Dolomites /

Even though the prices are unquestionably on the pricey side, Alpina Dolomites is definitely worth a visit. Coziness and modern luxury are just perfectly combined at the new skiing and hiking resort.

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