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Stockholm is a beautiful city and turned out to be a real gem for tourists, despite the high prices which are common in Scandinavia. Anyway, there are exceptions when it comes to the high prices. One of those is the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. The entrance fee is affordable, the experience incomparable and unique. Learning more about the engineering of past centuries when it comes to ships is interesting and impressive.

Vasa is the only ship in the world from the 17th century which has been saved and is almost fully intact. Unfortunately, it sank in the port area of Stockholm on its maiden voyage. Centuries later, the ship has been salvaged. A special method made it possible to preserve the wood of the ship and to rebuild it completely. Almost 99% percent of the ship are original.

History of Vasa

Once you get in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, you will be flashed by the huge ship.

Vasa Ship in the Museum in Stockholm

There is the possibility to admire it from every perspective: from the bottom, looking into it from the top on the ship and of course from both sides. As the exhibition extends over several floors, even more perspectives of Vasa are made possible.

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Beginning on the left, the exhibition starts with the history of Vasa. Who was the one who gave the order to build such a ship, who executed the order, how many men worked on the ship, how long it took and for which purpose the ship was meant to be and much more.

Life on board

However, the Vasa sank on its maiden voyage. The reasons for that were reconstructed: Stormy weather as well as mistakes in the construction of the ship were responsible.

Moreover, the Vasa Museum shows how life on board such a ship generally was in the 17th century. Which difficulties, which diseases existed? What were the consequences? Who had which tasks? What about sleeping?

Vasa preserved

In another part, the reconstruction and conservation of the Vasa are shown. Stunning methods lead to stunning results!


Even skeletons are displayed! But, and that’s a huge but: The experience is indescribably and very special – better just go there and convince yourself!


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