Bern: Top things to do and see

Bern may not be as known as Zurich, but Bern is the capital of Switzerland nevertheless. Moreover, Bern is also part of UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is always a good argument to visit a place. However, a special location and an incomparable flair make the city of Bern really worth a visit.

So, here are our top things to do and see in Bern. All of them are for free!

  1. Visit the BearPark Bern

It is a tradition that Bern houses bears.

Formerly, the old BearPark was not really natural, but nowadays, the enclosure is appropriate!

  1. Have a look at Nydeggbrücke and Nydeggkirche

The history of the Nydeggbrücke goes back to the 12th century. The bridge itself was named World Heritage Site. Not just that, being on the bridge means also enjoying incredible views!

Right next to the bridge is the Nydeggkirche, which is also World Heritage Site.

Nydeggkirche Bern

The history of the church goes back to the 12th century

  1. Enjoy breathtaking views of Bern

Due to its special location, Bern is a great city to enjoy breathtaking views. From a bridge or any other point.

Do I have to say anything more?

  1. Stroll around the Old Town of Bern

To summarize it, the Old Town as a whole is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

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Just go out there and enjoy!

  1. Inform yourself about special events

Bern is a real metropolis, small but sweet. Nevertheless, there are lovely events from time to time.

When we were there, a lightshow took place, which was really special. So, go have a look if something similar will be shown!


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