Lounge Review: Jet Lounge Vienna

Jet Lounge Vienna, partner lounge of most oneworld airlines departing from Vienna International Airport, was our choice when we flew from Vienna to Berlin. The lounge itself is a little small for the number of passengers that are using it in rush hour, but the cold buffet is just fine in terms of quality. However, the choice is a little limited.

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Departing from Vienna was new for us, so we were really looking forward to checking out the Jet Lounge Vienna. To our surprise, the Jet Lounge is located landside which means that you have to pass security after spending time in the lounge.

Jet Lounge Vienna Seating

View of the Jet Lounge Vienna

This is quite uncomfortable, especially as the distance to the gates is not negligible and security control may take some time in rush hour.

Apart from that, the Jet Lounge Vienna is quite easy to reach as it is located centrally in the Plaza.

Different seating arrangements

At first sight, the Jet Lounge Vienna didn’t look very small. However, after having a look around, we recognized that there are just three small areas.

Jet Lounge Vienna Seating

There are not only dining, but also relaxation areas in the Jet Lounge Vienna

Right next to the buffet, a dining area is located. Just a few steps away, you can find more comfortable seating arrangements and pretty much integrated in that one there is also a little business center. Apart from that, there’s also an area that’s exclusively for special members. I’m not quite sure who has access, but you may need some special credit card membership or anything alike.

Jet Lounge Vienna Seating

In a little corner, there is also a business area

This area is not very big as well, but was way less crowded than the actual lounge. Seating itself is modern and comfortable, but as there are just too few spots, we just didn’t feel really comfortable in the Jet Lounge Vienna.

Average buffet at the Jet Lounge Vienna

Great buffets are rare in European lounges. Due to that, our low expectations weren’t disappointed at the Jet Lounge Vienna.

Jet Lounge Vienna Buffet

Snacks at the buffet

The buffet area was quite small with the most parts being reserved for drinks including beer, wine and selected spirits. When it comes to food, it is worth a mention that everything looked quite tasty and fresh.

Jet Lounge Vienna Buffet

There was a wide range of fresh vegetables on the buffet

There were just a single hot dish (potato gratin), two soups (also hot), some cake and a choice of cut vegetables.

Jet Lounge Vienna Buffet

Fresh baguette

Other items on the buffet included usual snacks like apples, bread and rolls as well as nuts and pretzel sticks. Overall, the buffet in the Jet Lounge Vienna wasn’t bad as the quality and the freshness were satisfying.

Jet Lounge Vienna Buffet

Choice of drink in the Jet Lounge Vienna

However, the choice is just average which is something we see often in European lounges.

Newspapers, magazines and good Wi-Fi

The entertainment options in the Jet Lounge Vienna included a wide range of newspapers and magazines.

Jet Lounge Vienna Magazines

The choice of newspapers and magazines was huge

There were several international and national newspapers and a choice of magazines. While the newspapers were mainly German, English or Arabic, the choice of magazines also included issues in other languages like Chinese.

Jet Lounge Vienna Magazines

International and nationals newspapers are available alike

Quite a good thing for a lounge at an international airport. As the screens in the lounge were just used for showing flight information, the only other entertainment option was WiFi which was quite good.

Jet Lounge Vienna Magazines

There were some very exotic magazines available in the Jet Lounge Vienna

The little business corner is also worth a mention if you want to browse the internet or have some work to be done.

Average lounge at Vienna International Airport

In total, the Jet Lounge Vienna is neither a bad nor a really good lounge. The staff was friendly and the seating was comfortable. However, we disliked the fact that there are no windows at all in the Jet Lounge.

Jet Lounge Vienna Buffet

Alcohol and fruits in the Jet Lounge Vienna

Without daylight, the lounge looked even more crowded which made staying there for a longer time quite uncomfortable. The buffet is average in choice, but good in quality. It fits that the entertainment options were a little rare, but once again – in terms of WiFi and reading material – good in quality.

Jet Lounge Vienna Magazines

The choice of magazines was very satisfying

If you got some time left before departure, I’d recommend to check out the Jet Lounge Vienna. But be aware that it takes some time to get from the lounge to your boarding gate and you still have to pass security!


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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