City Guide: Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia and also part of UNESCO World Heritage when it comes to the old town. Nevertheless, Riga does not experience an influx of tourists like other Eastern European cities like Prague or Budapest. Strolling through the city is very enjoyable, the architecture and the old buildings are stunning, and everything except the airport may be reached by foot if you have patience and endurance!

Riga is a remarkable city. Especially the old town is really worth a visit!

Discovering the Old Town of Riga

As the old town of Riga is anything but small, I have to mention that discovering every corner of it doesn’t get boring!

From small streets to a huge square, from very old, well-maintained houses to new museums such as the museum of Occupation – there’s always something interesting to explore!

Enjoying incredible views of Riga

Sometimes, the very best views of something may be enjoyed from the top. But don’t forget about the unique flair right next to the water!

National Library in Riga

Moreover, the interesting, half-triangular building houses the National Library of Latvia!

Latvian National Opera

But the National Library in Riga is not the only meaningful and interesting building right next to nature.

The Latvian National Opera is located amidst a wonderful park!

Even special things like a cute little bridge can be seen. When having a short look at the canals, it is worth a mention that boat tours are also offered.


Freedom Monument in Riga

Despite the beauty of the old town of Riga, the country doesn’t forget about its rich and sometimes troubling past.

Due to that, a huge Freedom Monument can be found in the middle of a square a bit outside of the old town.

Special moments in Riga

As we “crossed” the old town of Riga several times, we were lucky enough to see some really unique moments. One of those is some kind of art exhibition.

Paintings in Riga

Paintings in Riga

Another one was the contrast of the “House of Blackhats” on a sunny and on a very rainy day.

Third, there was the central station which looked very modern and chic. But seeing the trains meant seeing a huge contrast to the building we just went through. Have a closer look at the photos and you will understand what I mean.

Churches in Riga

Admittedly, in every bigger city we visit, there are also a bunch of churches. Riga is no exception. Most famous is the St. Peter’s Cathedral, but in my opinion, the other ones are not less impressive!

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Academy of Sciences

What we saw last was something we already discovered in Warsaw. In Riga, it is called “Academy of Sciences”. Do you see the similarity to the one in Warsaw?

Academy of Sciences Riga

Academy of Sciences Riga



It has once been a gift from the SU.

Photos of Riga

Last but not least, here are all the other photos we took in Riga, but cannot specifically name.

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    • In my opinion, Riga is a highly underrated city! Maybe – but I still have in mind that Riga is located way more Eastern than Prague though.

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