Berlin: Top things to do and see

Berlin, capital of Germany, experienced a huge influx of tourists in the last years. Open-minded and kind of hipster, that’s what comes in mind first when thinking of the city of Berlin. From Europe or not, touring the continent usually means having a stop in Berlin as well. But what are the top things to do and see in Berlin? Here are the best things (random order).

  1. Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

The Brandenburg is THE sight Berlin is most famous for.

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Don’t be a fool and miss it. You’ll probably meet a huge crowd in front of it – nobody misses it.

  1. Bundestag in Berlin

Sure, the impressive building is amazing from the outside.

Reichstag Berlin

If you know in advance when you are going to Berlin, consider the possibility of entering the building! Just be aware that you have to “sign in” in advance.

  1. East Side Gallery Berlin

Reminding of the Wall of Berlin, the East Side Gallery was colored in a very unique style.

Stroll along the wall and indulge in what it has to say.

  1. Memorial of the Holocaust in Berlin

Talking of history, the memorial of the Holocaust is worth a visit as well.

Memorial of the Holocaust

Memorial of the Holocaust

But please, this is a place to think of the victims. No place to shoot crazy selfies, no place to jump from one “stone” to another and no place for sunbathing. Keep that in mind. It’s inappropriate.

  1. Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

Honestly, I’ve been several times in Berlin, but the Gendarmenmarkt is a place I just visited shortly. Unfortunately, the camera was not with us. Just believe me it’s lovely and beautiful!

  1. TV Tower Berlin

The TV Tower is a typical landmark of Berlin. Whether it is just seeing it from wherever in the city of Berlin you are or coming near.

If you have some money and time, you might also consider going up or even booking a tour! Yes, I did that – but it’s been some years…

  1. Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie is characteristic as this once marked the border between East and West Berlin.

Checkpoint Charlie

If you go there, watch out for the traffic. Usually, the drivers are not very amused having tourists on the road taking pictures. Behave appropriately and it won’t be a problem.

  1. Unter den Linden

Probably the most famous street in Germany. Once an avenue known for linden, it is nowadays more a big street where important demonstrations and so on take place.

  1. Museum Island

Beautiful for either strolling around or even paying one of the museums a visit!


  1. Panoramapunkt Potsdamer Platz

The best place to enjoy breathtaking views of Berlin! Unfortunately, there is an entrance fee, so getting up may be a choice between the TV Tower Berlin and this Panoramapoint.


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  1. Looking at visiting Berlin in the next few years, so thanks for a few more items to add to the list! I love that “open-minded” is one of the first things that comes to mind about this city too 🙂

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