Running in Riga

Running in Riga is a little tough compared to other European cities. The capital of Latvia has some nice routes, but there are no dedicated jogging routes or anything alike. Especially when your hotel is not located in the inner city, there are not many options for running. However, I did find a real park that’s awesome for running. Not too big, but quite nice!

When I was running in Riga, I wasn’t really blessed with the weather. It was not too bad, but there was no sun either.

  • Distance: 6 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 100 Meters
  • Calories burned: 450-550
  • Month: March
  • Weather: Partly cloudy

Due to that, I didn’t expect that the run would be a really enjoyable one, especially considering the location of our hotel for the night.

Running in Riga

My jogging route in Riga (tracked by Runtastic)

However, I liked the idea of learning more about Riga and its architecture. Also, there’s an amazing park in the city center where running is easy and enjoyable.

Architecture of Riga

Running in Riga started with admiring the architecture of the city.

Running in Riga

First views on my jogging route

There are not many sights that are not right in the city center, but I liked the idea of watching some other buildings as well. Even though my run was anything but spectacular in the first 1.5 kilometers.

Some sights on the route included the National Music Academy of Latvia and the Art Academy of Latvia which both look very nice. But on that very run, sightseeing wasn’t my main interest. It was rather the beautiful Kronvalda park!

Nature in the heart of Riga

I have to admit that Riga is no “green” city at all.

Running in Riga

Kronvalda park in the heart of Riga is extremly enjoyable

While other cities in Europe got dozens of parks, Riga has just some little ones. Kronvalda park in the heart of the city is one of the most popular ones and that’s for a reason.

Running in Riga

Feels like paradise in the busy city: Running in the park

It’s right on the Pilsētas kanāls and feels like a little paradise in the city. My run through the park was very nice because of the nature on the one hand and some interesting art on the other hand.

There were also some statues that are worth admiring!

Sightseeing while running

Another great aspect of Kronvalda park is that it is linked to Bastejkalna park which follows the canal into the city center.

Running in Riga

Right into the next park

There is not only a little hill that’s great for nice views of the park and the city, but also some sights that you may put on your list for sightseeing.

The most important one for sure is the Freedom Monument which was built in 1935.

Running in Riga

Freedom monument in Riga

The National Opera and the University of Latvia are some other highlights when running through the park.

Admiring the Nativity Cathedral

Even though I really enjoyed the parks, it was time to go back to the hotel again.

Running in Riga

Last view of the beautiful National Opera

On my way, I did not only see some impressive buildings, but also the beautiful Nativity Cathedral which is one of the landmarks of Riga.

Running in Riga

Golden and impressive: Nativity Cathedral in Riga

It’s popular for its beautiful architecture and pure size. Apart from that, my way back wasn’t very spectacular, but the St. Getrude Old Church which is located inside a roundabout is worth having a look at as well!

In conclusion, I’d jump over my shadow and go running in Riga. I didn’t expect much of my run after having a first look on the conditions, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Especially the beautiful parks right on the canal make running in Riga quite enjoyable!


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