City Guide: Zielona Góra

Zielona Góra is a small town in the North-West of Poland. While having an adorable old town where it is really enjoyable to stroll around and to have a closer look at several stalls, there is not much more to see. An exception is the so-called “Palmiarnia”. With a tropical climate, palms as well as great views of the city of Zielona Góra may be admired.

Zielona Góra’s Old Town

Strolling around and discovering small streets in the old town of Zielona Góra is really adorable.

It’s not just the architecture or the feeling of seeing something historical, but also indulging in the style of living of the locals.

Old Town 2

Zielona Góra is a typical Polish town. Especially on the weekends, several stalls can be found, not to forget about the advertised goods!


As you can imagine, there are also lots of possibilities to buy local food!

Palmiarnia in Zielona Góra

Admittedly, Zielona Góra is no city which captivates with stunning skyscrapers or a stunning skyline. Nevertheless, it is possible to catch some great views of the city when paying the Palmiarnia a visit.

Located on a hill, going up all those steps until arriving at the roof and then enjoying the views is unique.

When going down again, you may also consider admiring the palms per se.

Park in Zielona Góra

Not as huge as the Central Park in New York, but the Millenium Park in Zielona Góra has still a decent size to offer. This may be great for running or definitely is for just for taking a breath!

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What I especially liked was a huge crow (not a living one) in the park!

Churches in Zielona Góra

Poland is a very religious country. Even though the history of Zielona Góra goes far more back, it is not any surprisingly that a few churches can be seen in the city.

Sometimes inconspicuous, sometimes flashy.

Mall and University

What we moreover found when exploring Zielona Góra was a nice shopping mall and the university.

To be quite honest, that’s pretty much it. Frankly, we just found three more statues/memorials which looked impressive.

So if you’re planning on exploring Poland, Zielona Góra is a city you shouldn’t miss. However, there is no need to plan more than a day for it!


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