Transportation in Salzburg

Salzburg is one of the most historic and enjoyable cities in Europe. However, as the city is not really big, exploring the city by foot is quite easy. Nevertheless, there is quite an extensive public transportation network in Salzburg. If you are travelling to the second biggest city in Austria, you may be happy about our guide featuring the S-Bahn trains, buses, taxis and much more!

In the last years, the train station of Salzburg got upgraded. Nowadays, it shines more than ever. Due to that, the train station is quite nice for regional and long distance train rides.

Train in Salzburg

There are several train connections from Salzburg Central Station

The most important long distance train passing Salzburg is the Railjet from Munich to Budapest via Vienna. Other long distance trains include InterCity and EuroCity trains. Last but not least, there is also a wide range of regional trains with destinations in Austria and Germany.

S-Bahn in Salzburg

Comparable to most German cities, Salzburg does also offer a so-called S-Bahn. This one is quite interesting as it is operated by three different companies. The Salzburg AG operates lines 1 and 11 which connect the Salzburg Central Station with Lamprechtshausen (S1) and Ostermiething (S11), following the same route for several kilometers. S-Bahn lines 2 and 3 are operated by the Austrian Federal Railways.

S-Bahn in Salzburg

S-Bahn trains in Salzburg operate very frequently

Line 2 connects the Salzburg Central Station with Straßwalchen while line 3 connects Bad Reichenhall in Germany with Schwarzach St. Veit in Austria via Salzburg Central Station. The most curious line is line 4 which connects Berchtesgarden Hbf with Freilassing. As both cities are located in Germany, the trains never cross the border.

S-Bahn lines in Salzburg:

  • S1: Salzburg Central Station – Lamprechtshausen
  • S2: Salzburg Central Station – Straßwalchen
  • S3: Bad Reichenhall – Salzburg Central Station – Schwarzach-St. Veit
  • S4: Berchtesgarden – Bad Reichenhall – Freilassing
  • S11: Salzburg Central Station – Trimmelkam

Buses in Salzburg

You may also use the S-Bahn in Salzburg for getting around in the city as all lines except line 4 got stops in the metropolitan area of Salzburg. However, the most important mode of transport in the city center are buses. There are several normal and trolley bus lines which mostly either have a stop in the city center or at the Salzburg Central Station. Getting around with buses is quite easy and convenient. Tickets for public transportation in Salzburg are quite cheap.

Bus in Salzburg

Buses in Salzburg are quite cheap and easy to use

Bus and S-Bahn tickets are available for 1.70 Euro (~ 1.90 US-Dollar) for rides in the inner city. For short distances with only few stops, tickets are available for only 0.90 Euro (~ 1 US-Dollar). As Salzburg uses a zone system, you should have a look at the price table for rides with more than just a few stops to find the right ticket! You should also be aware that tickets bought at the driver or conductor are more expensive than the ones bought at machines or ticket counters.

Taxis in Salzburg

There are several different taxi operators in Salzburg. However, there is just a single price table that is used by all operators. Depending on the time of the ride, the base fare for taxis in Salzburg is either 3.10 or 3.90 Euro (~ 3.50 to 4.40 US-Dollar).

Taxi in Salzburg

Taxis in Salzburg are very expensive

Each further kilometer is charged 1.35 to 1.90 Euro (~ 1.50 to 2.15 US-Dollar). Taking a taxi in Salzburg is generally very safe and absolutely convenient, but the prices are quite high compared to other European cities and also the public transportation operators in the city.

  • The base fare for taxis is 3.10 or 3.90 Euro (~ 3.50 to 4.40 US-Dollar)
  • Every further kilometer is charged 1.35 to 1.90 Euro (~ 1.50 to 2.15 US-Dollar)

Other means of transport in Salzburg

Even though Salzburg is not really a large city, there are some other means of transportation as well. One of these is the “Festungsbahn” which is a funicular connecting the city with the elevated castle. It exists since 1892, but was recently refurnished. The “Mönchsberg Lift” and several ship operators are also worth a mention.

Bus in Salzburg

Even though Salzburg is small, you may use a “hop on hop off bus” nevertheless!

Both, the Festungsbahn and the Mönchsberg Lift, are mainly used for tourist purposes nowadays. So are the ships from which one can enjoy beautiful views of the city and the Alps in the background. Be aware that these means of transport are more expensive than the normal public transportation!


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  2. We were in Salzburg last month and loved it! The ease of transportation is definitely one of the best things about it. Made getting around (even when it was raining) really easy.

    • Great to hear! Salzburg is an amazing city for sure. Luckily, it’s not big either, so getting around is quite easy 🙂

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