Budapest: Top things to do and see

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has become more and more attractive for tourists in the last years. This has many reasons: Affordable prices in combination with a beautiful city which allows breathtaking views when being on a castle make a city pretty much undeniable. However, Budapest discovered its importance for tourists. Thus, prices are not as cheap as a few years ago anymore.

  1. Climb the Castle Hill

Climbing the Castle Hill in Budapest means enjoying two things. First, indulging in one of the oldest parts of the city and getting an impression of the architecture and habitudes like a market.

Second, being rewarded with spectacular views of both, Buda and Pest.

However, if you’re too lazy or have any other reason to not climb, you may consider taking the funicular.

Funicular 2

  1. Cross the Chain Bridge of Budapest

The Chain Bridge is one of the most famous sights in Budapest.

Chain Bridge Budapest

From there, it is also possible to take some awesome photos of Castle Hill!

  1. Pay the Market Hall Budapest a visit

Buying food there may be something really special.

Market Hall Budapest

It is huge and it looks just so good! Convenient fact: Fish is located downstairs, which means that not the whole Market Hall smells like fish!

  1. See the Parliament buildings

Located in the near of Chain Bridge, the Parliament Buildings of Hungary are known for being one of the most beautiful ones in the whole world!

Just enjoy the sight of it.

  1. Go to Heroes’ Square

Also having played an important role in history, the Heroes’ Square not just looks impressive.

Heroes Square Budapest

Heroes Square

Moreover, the Millenium Memorial, one of the most important landmarks of Budapest, is located there.

  1. Discover different Monuments

Budapest is a city where many memorials can be discovered.



One example for this can be found near the Parliament Buildings!

  1. Stroll around in parks and the pedestrian zone

It may not sound very spectacular, but is very enjoyable nevertheless.

Park in Budapest

Parks are lovely and a little escape from the buzz of the city.

Pedestrian Zone Budapest

Pedestrian zones in Budapest are great for admiring the architecture and enjoying a car-free flair!


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