Copenhagen: Top things to do and see

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and became similar like Stockholm one of the most popular tourist destinations in Scandinavia. Being most famous for the Little Mermaid – which is indeed very small – Copenhagen is very interesting due to its canal system. Our top things to do and see in Copenhagen!

  1. Explore Copenhagen by boat

Exploring Copenhagen by boat may not be the most common or budget-friendly way, but as we can say from first-hand experience, it is well worth it.

Boat tours in Copenhagen

Boat tours in Copenhagen

Like that, you are able to discover and see places from perspectives you’d never experience any other way. Plus, getting information about what you see makes it a lot easier to imagine how important (or not) certain places have been. No worries, there are enough offers!

  1. Spend some time at Nyhavn

Whenever you discover a photo which is characteristic for Copenhagen, it was probably taken at Nyhavn.

As the houses along the canal are that colorful, it turned out to be one of the most beautiful places in Copenhagen.

  1. Take a photo of the Little Mermaid

Admittedly, I didn’t get the hype about the Little Mermaid as Copenhagen’s landmark. Sure, it is nice to look at.

Little Mermaid Copenhagen

Little Mermaid

But that’s it. So go follow the hype and take a picture of it – if you find it though, the statue is really small. We had a glance at it during our boat tour.

  1. Gawk at the hotel D’Angleterre

As this is known for being one of the best hotels in whole Scandinavia, the hotel was decorated very awesomely in December.

Hôtel D'Angleterre Copenhagen

Amazingly decorated Hôtel D’Angleterre

Sure, it won’t look like this every time, but the building and the facade alone are worth gawking at!

  1. Play with the Happy Wall

Being in front of D’Angleterre, just turn around and smile.

What you will see is a very colorful wall. Don’t hesitate to play with it and turn around the platelets.

  1. Discover special buildings

Once you decided to stroll around in the old town a bit  be sure to keep an eye on special-looking buildings!

One example for this is the City Hall. But don’t hesitate to include churches as well in this tip!

  1. Experience Tivoli

Loud music, a huge influx of people wishing to get in and spectacular lights: there are many things on which you can recognize Tivoli at first sight.

Tivoli Copenhagen


Frankly, I haven’t been inside as it was already almost dark when we walked by, but we’ve only heard good things about it. If you have the time and the money, put it on your itinerary.

  1. See Geodesic Dome

When we passed through with the boat, it was just amazing to look at the Geodesic Dome in Copenhagen.

Geodesic Dome in Copenhagen

Geodesic Dome in Copenhagen

The tour guide told us it was not possible to go inside, but glancing at it was very satisfying as well.


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