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Grand Hotel Stockholm is not only a hotel to spend the night, it is much more. Renowned for its incredible views of Stockholm, impeccable service and amazing cuisine, Grand Hotel Stockholm is the hotel to stay at when visiting Stockholm. We absolutely enjoyed our time at Grand Hotel as well, but in our opinion, there is still room for improvement, even for one of the best luxury city hotels in Europe.

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When we flew over to Stockholm, it was undoubtedly for us that we would be staying at the Grand Hotel.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: April

We heard so many positive things about the hotel before, so we didn’t have any other choice than writing a personal review about Sweden’s best luxury hotel.

Grand Hotel Stockholm

Stunning from the outside: Grand Hotel Stockholm

Luckily, our experience at Grand Hotel Stockholm started quite good. We were able to check-in early. However, service was just standard and not outstanding in any way.

However, we were looking forward to getting surprised by our room. We were lucky enough to check out two different ones: The first one was a little cozier, the other one had the better views. We decided for the latter, a Deluxe Room.

Spacious and luxurious room with a view

Grand Hotel Stockholm is known for offering large rooms since its renovation, but we were a little surprised about the total size of our room nevertheless.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Rooms

Our Deluxe Room at Grand Hotel Stockholm was very spacious

Located in the old part of the building, our room looked more like a suite than a normal room. First, there was a large floor which also housed a working table in front of the window. On the right, there was the main room with a large King Bed, a flat screen television, a lounging area and also an eating table.

However, we were of the opinion that the latter was kind of useless and looked a little strange in the room. Apart from that, the interior of our room at Grand Hotel Stockholm was tasteful, but the room was not really cozy.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Rooms

The seating area looked a little lost in the Deluxe Room

This was a little downer, especially as the size and the interior were quite satisfying. There were windows on both sides of the room, one with views of the inner courtyard and two with partly views of the sea.

Marble bathroom at Grand Hotel Stockholm

The bathroom of our Deluxe Room at Grand Hotel Stockholm is worth a mention as well.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Bathroom

Luxurious and spacious: Marble Bathroom at Grand Hotel Stockholm

Equipped with both, a seduced shower and a seduced toilette, the basics were already absolutely satisfying. Moreover, there were two sinks and a large bathtub.

Marble was to be found everywhere in the bathroom, making it look extremely luxurious. Not any surprisingly, all towels and the bathrobes at Grand Hotel Stockholm were plush and overly large.

Spa products by Molton Brown rounded off the bathroom which was one of the best ones we had in a city hotel so far.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Bathroom

Our welcome present: Even more Spa produts!

As a welcome present, we even got some special products like mouth wash, moisturizer and softening cream – all by Molton Brown.

Modern machines in an ultra-spacious gym

When visiting Sweden lately, we did not only enjoy strolling around Stockholm, we also loved spending time at Grand Hotel Stockholm.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Gym

Cardio area in the gym of Grand Hotel Stockholm

For example, the gym was just right perfect for a workout. Equipped with not only the most modern, but also the best machines available on the market, the gym of Grand Hotel Stockholm is absolutely brilliant.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Gym

Free weights in the gym

That’s especially true when considering that there are three different rooms for different types of training.

However, it is worth a mention that the gym of Grand Hotel Stockholm is also available for the public, making it a little overcrowded in the evening hours.

Pure relaxation at Grand Hotel Stockholm

Even though I really liked the gym, it was not the best part of our leisure experience at Grand Hotel Stockholm.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Spa

Pool in the Spa area of Grand Hotel Stockholm

Unquestionably, the Spa area is something to really write home about.  Located in the basement on limited space, Grand Hotel Stockholm absolutely made the most out of the area.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Spa

Quiet room in the Spa

Even though there is no pool for real lap swimming, the warm pool in combination with the sauna and ice pool (both located in the changing rooms), steam bath and Jacuzzi facilities made us enjoy our time at the Spa to the utmost.

There is even a relaxation room with books and magazines available. Moreover, Grand Hotel Stockholm offers complimentary water, apples and other fruits in the Spa for its guests.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Spa

Water, tea and fruits in the Spa area

With or without a treatment booked – I’m sure you are going to enjoy the Spa of Grand Hotel Stockholm!

Great food with a heavy price tag

Sweden is generally a very expensive country when it comes to food. Grand Hotel Stockholm is no exception in this regard, combining the generally high prices in Sweden with prices of a five star luxury hotel.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Lunch

Caesar Salad for lunch

However, we were eager to try the cuisine and opted for a light lunch as well as a room service dinner. The Caesar Salad for lunch was quite tasty even though it was not really large.

The waiters were very accommodating and helpful. Same is true for the room service waiter who prepared the table for us in the evening. As for dinner, we opted for two traditional Swedish dishes: Salmon with potatoes and Meatballs with creamy potatoes, cranberries and cucumber salad.

Even though especially the salmon was quite small, we really enjoyed the dishes. A little downer at Grand Hotel Stockholm is the very limited room service menu. There are only a few real dishes available and all are pretty expensive, even for Sweden.

Disappointing breakfast at Grand Hotel Stockholm

I have to admit that our stay at Grand Hotel Stockholm was quite a pleasant one till breakfast. Served in one of the most amazing spots in the city with great views of the sea, we were really looking forward to enjoy a nice breakfast in the morning.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Breakfast

The buffet was quite satisfying, service was not

Sadly, Grand Hotel Stockholm tries to press as many people in the small room as possible. Due to that, we didn’t even get a table in the beginning and the staff didn’t seem very interested in helping us either.

The very short distances to the next tables, the rush at the buffet and the streaky service were other downers for us. Quality and choice at the buffet were great, but our experience was already kind of ruined due to the other issues.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Breakfast

There is even a little corner just for kids

However, breakfast at Grand Hotel Stockholm may be way more enjoyable when the breakfast room is less crowded. Like we experienced it, it sadly was no five star standard.

Stockholm’s best hotel for sure

Having stayed at many city hotels all over the world, we have to praise Grand Hotel Stockholm for a great overall experience.

Grand Hotel Stockholm View

The view is something that makes Grand Hotel Stockholm very special

There may be issues with the coziness of some rooms and the problem with crowded breakfast, but apart from that, Grand Hotel Stockholm offers an amazing luxury experience. The renovated rooms are very tasteful and the Spa area is a real oasis in the city.

Grand Hotel Stockholm Lunch

Grand Hotel is a great choice for a trip to Stockholm

With one of the best gyms I’ve ever seen in a city hotel as well as great cuisine, Grand Hotel Stockholm really deserves to be named the best hotel in Stockholm. Working on the minor issues, Grand Hotel Stockholm could easily get one of the greatest city resorts in whole Europe!

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