Dresden: Top things to do and see

Dresden, a city in the East of Germany, has been in the spotlight some years ago. The reason for that was the plan to build the so-called “Waldschlösschenbrücke” – a bridge which relieves traffic and makes it possible to get from A to B way faster. The only problem was that UNESCO was of the opinion that Dresden is not worth the status of being a World Heritage Site any more. Even though Dresden has been kicked of the list, there is no rational reason it isn’t worth visiting anymore! Top things to do and see in Dresden:

  1. Go through the Stallhof

The Stallhof is one of the oldest designed championship courses of the world. Sometimes, horse shows still take place there.

Stallhof Dresden

But mainly, it is used cultural events like Christmas Markets or theater.

  1. Procession of Princes

Located behind the Stallhof, the Procession of Princes is a huge portrayal of the rulers of Saxony.

Procession of Princes Dresden

It looks impressive!

  1. Stroll around in the “Zwinger”

The Zwinger is actually a palace in Dresden.

It is just stunning to spend some time there and if you’re interested in seeing more, a picture gallery and a Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments is awaiting you!

  1. Admire “Yenidze”

Yenidze in Dresden is one of the most striking buildings of the city.

Yenidze in Dresden

While being built in the style of a mosque, it was actually a cigarette factory and is used as an office building nowadays.

  1. Explore Dresden by foot

Admittedly, Dresden is not really a small city. However, it is definitely possible to discover Dresden by foot when you start in the center.

While doing so, you will be able to enjoy great views of the Elbe and moreover the flair of some older parts of Dresden!


Curious about more about Dresden? Check it out on our city page!



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