Running in New York

Running in New York is doubtlessly a unique experience. When we visited the city and stayed at The Knickerbocker, I decided to make the way up to the Central Park, stroll around there and go straight back on Fifth Avenue. Many touristic sights in a run of just 45 minutes. Something I can just recommend for everyone who loves fitness and sightseeing!

Starting a run right at the Times Square is something very special. When leaving The Knickerbocker, I recognized that the temperature this morning was quite low.

  • Distance: 8 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 170 Meters
  • Calories burned: 500-600
  • Month: March
  • Weather: Sunny

However, I was greeted by warm sunshine. Well, happiness didn’t last long as my GPS just didn’t want to work.

Running in New York

My jogging route through New York (partly tracked by Runtastic)

It took me some hundred meters, pretty much till Central Park, to get it work.

From Times Square into nature

Following 7th avenue from Times Square to Central Park is not really spectacular. However, you are getting a good feeling for the city when running along the street.

Especially when arriving at Central Park, you know that it was worth the effort. As winter was still present in New York, I was lucky enough to enjoy Central Park with some snow left.

Central Park New York

A first view of Central Park and the skyline of New York City

That made it possible to enjoy the views of the skyscrapers with a very special touch.

Running in Central Park

Be it the Upper West Side or the Upper East Side – the views of New York City I enjoyed while running through Central Park were amazing for themselves.

But something I liked even more was the fact that Central Park really feels like a natural paradise for runners. No noise, no cars and no rush.

Central Park New York

Enjoyable in every regard: Running in Central Park

That’s what you see in the movies, but that’s also what you experience when running through Central Park.

It’s not any surprisingly that I met dozens of runners and dogs in the park.

Exploring “The Lake” in Central Park

Even though I knew that the way back would be long, I decided to explore the area around “The Lake” located in Central Park.

Central Park New York

Another paradise in the middle of Central Park: The Lake

The beautiful pavilions and Bethesda Fountain made running around the little water paradise quite enjoyable.

I also liked the fact that there was some altitude, something I wouldn’t have expected from running in New York.

However, it was time to turn around, so I decided to have a short look at the Central Park Zoo and turn to Fifth Avenue for my way “home”.

Running on Fifth Avenue

To be quite honest, running on Fifth Avenue in New York is not really enjoyable.

Skyline New York

Leaving Central Park for Fifth Avenue

Hundreds of pedestrians, noise and red signals. Nothing runners will enjoy.

Fifth Avenue New York

Not a running paradise, but one for shopping without any doubt

However, I decided to give it a try to picture some sights I wanted to have in my running guide. Next to several first class hotels and luxury shops, I decided to have a closer look on St. Thomas Church and Rockefeller Center.

Not to forget about Chrysler Building of which I enjoyed brilliant views from time to time.

Back to The Knickerbocker

Through Bryant Park, a cute little park between 6th and 7th avenue, I went back to where I started.

New York Public Library

On my way back to the hotel, I stumbled upon the New York Public Library

Back at The Knickerbocker, I reflected about my run and was still kind of amazed about how special running in New York is. When living in the city that never sleeps, I’d definitely focus my running on Central Park.

As a tourist, exploring the buzz of the city and the annoying red signals can be something special as well. Running in New York was a real experience, something everybody should do at least once!


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3 Comments on “Running in New York”

  1. I just started running this summer (until my ankle started acting up that is) and have really enjoyed it. You get to see some beautiful and interesting things and exercise at the same time. It’s funny how it’s much more socially acceptable in some places than others. In France, my friends say they often still get weird looks when they go for a run (although I think it’s becoming more common) whereas it’s a very normal thing to do in the States.
    I’d love to go for a run in Central Park, can understand why some of the other areas might not be as enjoyable or easy though.

    • Great to hear! Running is something that makes traveling a little more enjoyable! It is indeed weird going running in some countries. For example, in Asia, running is absolutely uncommon. France is an interesting examle. I’ll test this in October when I’m visiting Paris! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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