City Guide: Vilnius

Vilnius is a city many probably haven’t heard of so far. Which is such a pity as Vilnius is one of the most beautiful cities we’ve ever visited. Awesome old town, impressive churches, breathtaking views from Castle Hill and local specialties like Blini made our day there just perfect!

Even though it is the capital of Lithuania, one of the Baltic States and has a deserved place on the UNESCO list for World Heritage Sites, rarely anyone pays attention to Vilnius. Anyway, we did and we did not regret that one second!

Climbing up Castle Hill of Vilnius

Honestly, “climb” is not the right verb for that. It is not very steep and was thus not very strenuous. Even if sport is not one of your hobbies, you can go up there easily.

Way up to Castle Hill Vilnius

Way up to Castle Hill

Once being there, you are already able to enjoy breathtaking views of Vilnius.

Moreover, there is the possibility of going up the tower itself.

Despite the fact that there is a small entrance fee, I’d recommend to give it a shot.

Lithuanian flag

Lithuanian flag

Being a bit higher, you can also discover the Hill of Three Crosses. Not to forget about the exhibition which is shown on the way up the tower.

Hill of Three Crosses Vilnius

Hill of Three Crosses

Strolling around in the Old Town of Vilnius

Having developed over several centuries, Vilnius nowadays has one of the oldest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe!

Old Town

When strolling around in Vilnius’ old town, you will discover many buildings from another era.


What makes Vilnius very special is the fact that it houses countless churches and religious buildings. And yes, it took me some time to find out what the camera actually captured. But here you go. Oh, and these are by far not all of the churches in Vilnius!

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Pay the Cathedral Square and Tower a visit

Probably what Vilnius is most famous for.

The vibrant flair of the city can be found here as it is a meeting point for almost everything. Even special parades or spectacles take place there!

Eat delicious blini!

Discovering can be strenuous. So when we had the feeling that it was time for a break near the town hall, we decided to look for some local specialties.

Town Hall and Town Hall Square

Town Hall and Town Hall Square

What we found was just awesome. Blini (thin pancakes) filled with almost everything – spinach, cheese, Nutella, ham, …

Blini in Vilnius

It was just so delicious! Go for it.

National Museum in Vilnius

We decided to give the National Museum a try. As it turned out, it was awesome! Sure, the exhibitions were, well how an exhibition is like. But there was a computer with which I played a bit, being fascinated about the information it provides about Vilnius.

It didn’t took long until a very friendly employer, an elder woman, came and told me nearly anything about Vilnius, its history and how to get there best. Very informative!

Ostra Brama Vilnius

Following the advice of the woman, we went to Ostra Brama.

Ostra Brama Vilnius

Ostra Brama

Ostra Brama is one of the most important cultural and architectural works in the city. Being important for Christians and Orthodox alike, it was built in the 16th century! The perfect end for our tour through Vilnius!


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  4. Wow, not everyday you will see someone writing about Vilnius on the blog! Love it! Next time you are in Vilnius, just let me know, would be more than happy to eat ‘blini’ together, and we have ‘cepelinai’ which is even more local than ‘blini’ (in Lithuanian we call them ‘blynai’ 🙂 ) Food and architecture make Vilnius worth visiting! Great post!

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