Gdansk: Top things to do and see

Gdansk is located in the North of Poland and has played an important role over the centuries when it comes to being a trading port. Gdansk also has a rich history including different occupiers and being a free city. Gdansk is especially known for its Old Town as it has been rebuilt exactly as it was after WWII. What to do and see in Gdansk!

  1. Stroll around the Old Town

This is nothing surprisingly considering my mention above.

Colorful Old Buildings

But be aware that the Old Town of Gdansk is very touristic and so are the prices. If you would like to eat something traditional, it’s recommendable to not search for a restaurant in the Old Town. By the way, Old Town means “stare miasto” in Polish.

  1. Take a moment for Brama Zielona

Brama Zielona in Gdansk is a the most pompous town gate of the city.

The "Brama Zielona": Impressive entrance to the Stare Miasto

The “Brama Zielona”: Impressive entrance to the Stare Miasto

After having been destroyed in the Second World War, it has been rebuilt. Moreover, a museum is located above in which interesting exhibitions take place from time to time.

  1. Be a tourist and go to Long Market

I guess the Long Market in Gdansk is by far the most touristic spot of the city.

Stare Miasto 5

Moreover, it ends at the Green Gate (= Brama Zielona).

  1. Promenade along the Motlawa

In Gdansk, the Motlawa is the biggest river where even ferry services are offered.

Mottlau 4

Not any surprisingly, some touristic shops are located right on the promenade.

  1. Search for a typical Polish market

This may not be one of the easiest tasks, but I always enjoy looking at what the locals have to offer.

When getting hungry and not wanting to support the exaggerated prices in the Old Town, it is always a good feeling to buy vegetables from local farmers!


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  2. Have been to Poland recently and got astonished with the architecture in some cities. Did not see Gdansk yet, which for what I can see through your pictures looks really beautiful. Have been to Wroclaw instead and I can say it is enchanting. I have written a post about Wroclaw today. Congrats on your blog!

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