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Cologne is a city located in the West of Germany and is the forth biggest city of the country. Being most famous for its cathedral which attracts about 20,000 people a day, Cologne moreover offers several leisure and cultural activities as well as museums. A couple of days in Cologne, a city where the Rhine flows through.

As a part of my family lives in Cologne, I’ve been there often before I considered to take the camera finally with me. Once again, I was convinced of the beauty of the city. Cologne has indeed much more to offer than just a spectacular cathedral!

Enjoying the Rhine

Everybody likes to promenade along a river.


As the Rhine is pretty broad (well, it’s actually a canal), even huge ships pass through, which is awesome to watch. Moreover, river cruises are offered on a regular basis.

Viking River Cruises in Cologne

Time for the amazing Chocolate Museum

When I was younger, I have been there two or three times. Things may have changed till now, but I am sure it is still amazing!

Chocolate Museum Cologne

When I visited, we learned about how chocolate is made, where it comes from, its ingredients and so on. We were even allowed to taste! But this is something I’m actually not sure about anymore.

The incredible “Kranhäuser”

Probably the most expensive housings in the whole city.

I know that a popular soccer player (German national team) has an apartment in there. I’m sure it’s adorable on top of the Rhine – just think of the views!

The Hohenzollern Bridge and great view

The Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne is very important for trains, but pedestrians cross it regularly as well.

Hohenzollernbrücke Cologne

Being a problem but looking absolutely amazing are the locks.

Not just the bridge itself is decorated interestingly, in addition, the city of Cologne can be captured at its best from there!

Stroll around in the old town

Small streets, cute hotels, local cuisine and international cuisine alike can be found in the old town of the city.

Especially the squares which can be found from time to time are nice and perfect to order something to drink to take a break from exploring!

Old Town , Heumarkt

Moving on to Heumarkt

One of the most popular addresses in Cologne is Heumarkt. Being a shopping paradise, it is the perfect destination for shopaholics from all over the world!

Heumarkt Cologne

It is also possible to just chill out and admire the statue of Friedrich Wilhelm II.

Friedrich Wilhelm II Statue in Cologne

The special philharmonic

When I strolled through the streets of Cologne, I suddenly saw watchmen who paid attention that nobody made a step on a square which looked like every square. The reason for not being allowed to step on it is “simple”.

Philharmonic in Cologne

As the philharmonic is located right under it, every step would influence and falsify the acoustic.

Philharmonic in Cologne

Finally: The cathedral

Pretty unusual, the cathedral is not located in a pedestrian zone, but rather right next to the Central Station of Cologne.

View Cathedral from Central Station Cologne

DB Central Station Cologne

So if you arrive via train, the Cologne Cathedral, the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe and UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be the first thing you see.

Cologne Cathedral definitely is impressive, but unfortunately so huge that I was unable to capture it as a whole… However, some boys made a great show between the Central Station and Cologne Cathedral. It was fun to watch and they were just great!

Show 2

And no, the pink bra is carried by a boy which was part of the show though.

Site Portal of the Roman North Gate

It were the Romans who founded Cologne centuries ago. Not any surprisingly, there were walls. One remaining part is the Site Portal of the North Gate which can be found in front of the Cathedral.

Talking of details next to the outstanding Cologne Cathedral, an awesome flowerbed and two fountains can be found around the Cathedral.

They make the flair very unique and enjoyable!

Some details at the end

When you search for the small things which make a city special, there are always some parts that just you remember and don’t really know how to call.

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Last but not least, here are my special moments. Some of them can be found, others are similar to a secret as not every day there will be someone making soap bubbles. However, these are the things that made my experience in Cologne very special once again.


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  1. Thanks for the Colgne post! I’ve been wanting to go there all year and may finally be getting the chance next month. Super excited.

  2. Your post inspires us to visit Cologne again.
    The Carnival City, Cologne, is on our top list for shopping and partying as well. And yes, the street shows here, are really engaging and entertaining.

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