Hotel Preview: Artist Residence London

Artist Residence London is the perfect hotel for every traveler searching a unique place to stay in London. Located in Pimlico, Artist Residence London is just a stone’s throw away from Victoria Station and the lively neighborhoods Chelsea and SoHo. With just ten rooms and small public areas, Artist Residence London feels like home.

In London, several hotels open their doors week by week, month by month and year by year. However, there are only a few hotels that are as unique as Artist Residence London.

Artist Residence London Lounge

Lounge (Image Source: Artist Residence London /

The hotel is definitely aiming for wealthy guests searching for a special experience. Even though Artist Residence London does not have a star rating, the newly opened hotel is definitely situated in the luxury sector.

Ten rooms with a special touch

Artist Residence London looks like a normal building from the outside. This, however, is not any surprisingly as the newest gem in the heart of London only got one public area and ten rooms, making Artist Residence London one of the smallest hotels in the city.

Artist Residence London Small Room

Small Room (Image Source: Artist Residence London /

These ten rooms are split into six different categories which pretty much say it all. The lowest category is called Small Room as it is only 16 square meters (172 square feet) large.

Artist Residence London Medium Room

Medium Room (Image Source: Artist Residence London /

The Small Plus Room and the Medium Double as well as the Medium Room are a little larger, while still not offering more than 20 square meters (215 square feet).

Artist Residence London The Grand Suite

The Grand Suite (Image Source: Artist Residence London /

There are some larger rooms as well, but what makes Artist Residence London and its accommodation unique is not the size, but the interior and the cute little bathrooms with rainfall showers and deep-soaking bathtubs (in The Loft, the Club Suite and the Grand Suite) that make guests feel home and welcome.

Artist Residence London The Loft Bathroom

The Loft Bathroom (Image Source: Artist Residence London /

Rooms at Artist Residence London look anything but standard.

Breakfast at Artist Residence London

The special touches of Artist Residence London continue when having a look at the public areas. Well, areas is already an exaggeration. There is only one which is called Lounge. In this area, there is not only the reception and a seating area, but also the bar.

Artist Residence London Bar

Bar (Image Source: Artist Residence London /

As Artist Residence London has no restaurant, there is just a small choice in the lobby. However, the homely atmosphere and the personal service make the experience a very special one nevertheless. The breakfast menu for example consists of a choice of freshly cooked items and two continental choices.

Artist Residence London Private Dining Room

Private Dining Room (Image Source: Artist Residence London /

As Artist Residence London tries everything to make every guest happy, it’s obvious that special nutrition needs are taken care of at breakfast as well as when opting for another meal.

Special hotel with rates starting at 160 Pounds

Artist Residence London is the perfect hotel for all those who just want to experience something new when it comes to hotel stays. With just ten rooms available, Artist Residence London is fully booked fast. Especially as the rates are starting at just 160 Pounds (~ 225 Euro / 250 US-Dollar) for the Small Room on selected dates, the demand is quite high.

Artist Residence London The Loft

The Loft (Image Source: Artist Residence London /

However, you should be aware that Artist Residence London does neither offer included breakfast in the room rates nor any fitness or Spa facilities. Yet, if you are looking for a very special hotel in London, Artist Residence should be your first choice!

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  1. Wow looks a nice hotel,, especially that pic of the Loft Bathroom! I just spent the weekend on a course in London and stayed at the Z Hotel in Shoreditch. It was a good experience, albeit in a bad area. I shall have to read more of your reviews to get some insider tips on where to stay in the capital next time 😉

    • The Artist Residence London looks very good indeed. For me personally, the Landmark (which I reviewed earlier) is a great for a trip to London! In August, I’m staying at One Aldwych. I hope that’s a review you’ll like as well 🙂

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