Gothenburg: Top things to do and see

Being the second biggest city in Sweden after Stockholm, Gothenburg also is an important destination for tourists. As Gothenburg is no exception in being expensive like all other cities in Scandinavia, be aware that entrance fees may be higher than elsewhere. Same goes for food. However, there are some great things to do and see in Gothenburg for free as well!

  1. Spend some time at “Lilla Bommen”

Lilla Bommen is the port of Gothenburg. Strolling around there is really nice as cobblestones create a very chilled atmosphere and marveling at huge ships is impressive as well.

Not to forget about its importance to ferries!

  1. Admire the “Lipstick”

Located at Lilla Bommen, the Lipstick is a skyscraper with a remarkable architecture.

The Lipstick Gothenburg

The Lipstick

Being used for offices and shopping alike, a café is located on top from which awesome views of Gothenburg may be enjoyed. But be aware of the opening hours!

  1. Stroll through small streets

It is best to discover Gothenburg by foot or by bike. This makes it easy to see even undisclosed places.


However, the small streets with old-town-character are a real highlight for sure!

  1. Be impressed by the architecture

Not every city has so many remaining buildings which have been built centuries ago.

Just go out there and you will find real gems!

  1. Consider the concert house

As acoustic is a difficult issue with which is dealt differently, concert houses or operas are always something to look at amused to some degree.

Concert House

Concert House

Thinking of comparable buildings in other cities, the concert house of Gothenburg looks pretty normal. Unfortunately, I cannot judge its interior.

  1. Stumble in the “Stadsbiblioteket”

You don’t have to be a bookworm to stumble in the National Library. It already is impressive to gawk at so many books at one place!

Stadsbiblioteket Gothenburg

Stadsbiblioteket Gothenburg

  1. Pay the Museum of Gothenburg a visit

Due to a special occasion, there was no entrance fee when we visited. Cultural and historical items alike are part of the exhibition.

City Museum Gothenburg

City Museum Gothenburg


Information boards make it easy to understand what is shown.

  1. Liseberg Gothenburg

Petting zoo, gamers’ paradise, a Viking market with traditional elements and visiting Santa Claus was our impression of Liseberg in Gothenburg in winter.

In general, it’s a theme park in summer which is turned into a Christmas Market in winter. You can have a lot of fun there if you have the necessary money… It’s really expensive!

Depending on what you want to do, you might consider going for a City Card. With that, many things are included or way cheaper. However, in Gothenburg there are many things to do for free as well. If you really have the time to discover Gothenburg’s secret corners, the City Card can save you a lot of money!


Curious about more content about Gothenburg? Check out our city page!


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