Lounge Review: Ballada Executive Lounge Warsaw

Ballada Executive Lounge is an independent lounge at Warsaw Chopin Airport. As the lounge is located airside, we expected to spend some relaxed time in the lounge. However, this was impossible as the lounge is more than just tiny. There are approximately twenty spots which were all taken even early in the morning. At least, the buffet and the entertainment options hit the spot.

This lounge is closed and there are no plans to reopen it as of now.

When arriving at Warsaw Chopin Airport, we were looking for some relaxed time as we had to catch the red-eye flight to Berlin. As frequent flyers with Air Berlin, we were granted access to the Ballada Executive Lounge which is conveniently located in between security control and the gates. Looking very good at first sight, the size of the lounge is just way too small. Sadly, we were only able to snap a few pictures as the lounge was just way too crowded.

Modern, but dark and small

Considering the design, Ballada Executive Lounge really hits the spot. Modern interior combined with dark tones make the lounge look very special. Sadly, there are no windows which makes the lounge look very dark and make you feel like spending time in the basement.

Ballada Executive Lounge Seating

Seating area (even the vacant looking seats were taken)

This connected with the fact that there were not more than twenty seats which were all taken (at 6 am!) made it impossible for us to really try seating. The only seat that was vacant wasn’t cleaned up properly, making it very unpleasant to sit there.

Decent buffet at Ballada Executive Lounge

Reviewing Ballada Executive Lounge is not very easy considering we were not able to snap good pictures with all the people plundering the buffet or working in the seating area. However, it is worth a mention that the buffet wasn’t very bad. Food at Ballada Executive Lounge included different rolls, a selection of ham and cheese as well as some pastries.

Ballada Executive Lounge Buffet

Rolls and sweets at the buffet

Considering the time of the day, the buffet was quite sufficient. Moreover, even though it was still quite early, a wide range of alcoholic drinks was available next to the usual non-alcoholic choices you’d usually consider for breakfast.

Newspapers, magazines and computers

Ballada Executive Lounge is not all bad. The buffet was sufficient and entertainment options included newspapers, magazines as well as two computer work stations. Moreover, Wi-Fi was available free of charge. Sadly, none of the entertainment option could be enjoyed by us due to the people occupying the computers and reading the newspapers and magazines available. Once again, there were just too few available for the number of guests.

Size is what matters in a lounge

In conclusion, Ballada Executive Lounge was not a really good experience for us. The hard product is decent, while being a little too dark for my taste. The buffet was okay for breakfast, but we already enjoyed way better buffets in terms of quality and choice in other lounges. Entertainment options were not bad either, but way too limited.

Ballada Executive Lounge Buffet

Ballada Executive Lounge is an average lounge at best

What is the real downer when it comes to Ballada Executive Lounge is the size which just isn’t sufficient with the number of passengers that seem to have access. Already being crowded in the early morning, I can’t really think about how the lounge must look like in rush hour.


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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