Hamburg: Top things to do and see

Hamburg is the second biggest city in Germany after Berlin. But what makes Hamburg really special is the so-called “Speicherstadt”. Being historically important for trade, Hamburg is nowadays one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, has more bridges than Venice and has gotten more and more popular as a touristic destination for a city trip. So, here’s an overview of the top things to do and see in Hamburg.

  1. Stroll around in the “Speicherstadt”

Many canals wiggle through brick buildings, many bridges lead over those canals. Unique flair for sure. Centuries ago, goods arrived there and were put directly in the storehouses.

Speicherstadt Hamburg

Anyhow, the “Speicherstadt” is the most remarkable landmark of Hamburg.

  1. Pay the “Miniature Wonderland” a visit

Curious about the world at one glance? If you like locomotives, the Miniature Wonderland is an absolute must-visit! Several continents with much love for detail are built after. Especially the stunning light system is worth a mention as well. Day and night, airports as well as central stations, Wild West as well as civilized metropolises can be seen.

  1. Breathtaking views from the “Michel”

“Michel” is the affectionate name of locals for St. Michael’s Church. It is possible to go up for a small fee. Nowadays, even an elevator is in to make it easier getting up.

Of course, you can also choose the stairs. Once you made it to the top, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Hamburg!

  1. Stroll along the Elbe at “Landungsbrücken”

Until today, Hamburg is an important trading port. At “Landungsbrücken”, many ships buckle on and doff the port.


Beautiful to watch, but even more important: Many tours of Hamburg via boat are offered as well! If you are interested in seeing Hamburg’s secret corners, go for it – fully recommended.

  1. Rickmer Rickmers

Rickmer Rickmers in Hamburg is an old ship which is nowadays used as a museum.

Rickmer Rickmers

After a restauration of four years, the windjammer presents its history as well as general information of life on board centuries ago and how a windjammer works.


Interested in Hamburg? Find more content on our city page!


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  1. It seems I need to go back and see it in Summer. Looks gorgeous with clear skies. And the riverwalk by the Elbe is very similar to that in Dusseldorf. Nice post!

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