City Guide: Potsdam

Potsdam is a beautiful city in the Southeast of Berlin. As Berlin is that popular as a touristic destination, not that much spotlight actually hits Potsdam. However, discovering Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam feels like walking through a fairytale, eating in the Dutch Quarter has as much charm as eating can possibly have and admiring the architecture feels like time travelling!

Arriving in Potsdam, being confused due to the complicated central station and catching sight of a construction site with cloudy weather was not the best start in the day. However, we safely found our way to our first stop: Sanssouci Palace.

Exploring Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam

Unlike many other castles, Sanssouci Palace or at least its surroundings, gardens and facilities can be entered for free. As always when we want to see awesome architecture, some renovation works were done.

Sanssouci Palace Potsdam

Fortunately, not every building was restored, so we could catch sight of some other lovely parts.

The park is huge and I don’t even know how many castles are actually on there, but walking around took a while!

Indulging into the Gardens of Sanssouci Palace

As I already mentioned, walking around took a while. With 289 hectare, the gardens of Sanssouci Palace could be a whole quarter!

However, this also means a lot of place to spread out and enjoy the day! Anyway, I would highly recommend to stay on the paths as I’m sure the gardeners won’t be too happy about you trampling the grass.

Following this advice, you will be rewarded with awesome views of flowers and horticulture at its finest!

Eating at Dutch Quarter

After having explored the beautiful Sanssouci Palace with its gardens, we got hungry. Thus, we decided to leave the Palace and move back to the inner city. Having done some research, we wanted to be touristic and eat in the Dutch Quarter.

Yes, we had lovely food, but what we enjoyed way more were the houses being built of brick.

Catching a sight of the “Landtag of Brandenburg”

As Potsdam is the capital of the state Brandenburg, the government is located there. Time for us to look at these buildings!

Landtag of Brandenburg 6

As it was a national holiday, nobody worked there, which was good as we disturbed nobody when taking photos.

Going back via Freundschaftsinsel

On our way back to Central Station, we were lucky enough to head spontaneously to the “Freundschaftsinsel”.

A small island in between two rivers – a perfect location to spend the last couple of minutes we had before our train back arrived. Bye Potsdam, partly UNESCO World Heritage Site, we will come back!


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