Running in Stockholm

Running in Stockholm is something utterly amazing. When I had the chance to explore the amazing city with my running shoes, I was kind of unlucky with the weather. However, I enjoyed my run nevertheless as Stockholm perfectly combines maritime feeling with great running paths. Running in Stockholm feels like running in nature as well as in a metropolis at the same time!

When leaving Grand Hotel Stockholm, I was shocked to see the weather at first. Rainy, cold and unpleasant.

  • Distance: 7 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 35 Meters
  • Calories burned: 400-500
  • Month: April
  • Weather: Rainy / Cloudy

Not really what I hoped for, but sometimes you just don’t have a choice. A funny side note is that my GPS stopped working at some time as it was that cloudy that the signal got lost.

My jogging route through Stockholm (tracked by Runtastic)

My jogging route through Stockholm (partly tracked by Runtastic)

However, the first view of my running experience already made it worth as the maritime feeling in Stockholm is something absolutely incredible when you love running!

Exploring the islands

Stockholm is known for being separated in several islands and peninsulas.

I was awarded with great views when leaving the hotel

I was awarded with great views when leaving the hotel

As it was the first bridge that caught my attention, I decided to explore Skeppsholmen and the attached Kastellholmen.

This was especially great as both islands were absolutely empty on this Sunday morning.

Running in Stockholm was maybe the calmest and most relaxing run I ever made in a metropolis.

Views of Stockholm on Skeppsholem

Views of Stockholm on Skeppsholem

On Skeppsholmen, I was able to admire some beautiful buildings like the headquarters of The Archipelago Foundation in Stockholm or the Skeppsholmen Church.

Enjoying beautiful views

Skeppsholmen has a lot more to offer including museums like the National Museum Skeppsholmen, the Architecture Museum or the Museum of Modern Art.

Large sailing ship

Large sailing ship

As I was running and only admired the buildings from outside, I was even more impressed by a large sailing ship being moored on the island.

When entering Kastellholmen, the views are getting even more amazing

When entering Kastellholmen, the views got even more amazing

Even though I already enjoyed the views of the city when running on Skeppsholmen (you can run right next to the water all the time), I even loved the ones on Kastellholmen even more.

Not only is the island located more exposed, but it also has a hill where a nice castle can be admired.

Even more amazing: The views from up there are just stunning!

From ships to beautiful avenues

After leaving Kastellholmen, I took another way back on Skeppsholmen which lead me along the harbor of the little island.

Back on Skeppsholmen

Back on Skeppsholmen

Several different types of ships can be seen there. A really nice little variety to just enjoy views of buildings and the cityscape.

A few meters after leaving Kastellholmen, I suddenly hit Strandvägen, a magnificent avenue right on the water.

You may enjoy the amazing architecture of another time there.

Beautiful buildings like The Royal Dramatic Theatre or Hotel Dyplomat really make running along the boulevard (which has a large promenade right next to the water) a great experience.

Djurgården and the Nordic Museum

Even though already been running for more than five kilometers, I was looking forward to always catching a glance of Djurgården, the most beautiful and natural part of Stockholm.

On the way to Djurgården

On the way to Djurgården

Its rich garden once were the hunting ground for the king and are absolutely amazing for running nowadays.

I decided to run inside the park for a few hundred meters and snap some pictures of the impressive Nordic Museum and return to Strandvägen afterwards.

Lovely running in Stockholm

On my way back, I once again admired several beautiful buildings and also stumbled upon a nice statue and some modern art.

All in all, I loved running in Stockholm regardless of the bad weather.



Sure, with sun in my back, running would have been even more amazing, but considering that Stockholm is such great for both sightseeing and running, I’d like to run for a guide in the Swedish capital every day. Everything I can say is: Try it yourself!


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    • Thanks a lot! Running is amazing indeed! I usually enjoy exploring metropolises while running, but I also love running in the nature!

  1. As someone who loves running in stockholm (and who has done a similar route many times) this is a great post. Of course, come October, it’s less fun to run in Stockholm.

    • Thanks a lot! Well, I’ve been running with quite bad conditons in the last months and years. For example, running in Helsinki (I got two posts about it) was quite horrible as it was extremly cold and slippery everywhere!

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