Looking back on week 45

The last few days have been crazy hot here in Europe! Working, concentrating, writing, learning, even sleeping was hard. But which was not hard was dreaming ourselves away to breathtaking places, fitting hotels or a throwback to past travels!

The Shangri-La Tianjin offers way more than a pool, but this is what we desired for the last days.

Shangri-La Tianjin Pool

(Image Source: Shangri-La Tianjin /

Walking? Just additional if you are in Chicago and consider our transportation guide.

Chicago Bus

Hamburg is one of the hottest spots to visit right now as its Speicherstadt was added to UNESCO World Heritage Sites just a few hours ago!


Boston Logan Airport offers a wide range of destinations. Be sure to inform yourself in advance with our airport guide.

Boston Logan Airport

Time to check out the recently opened Four Seasons Johannesburg! 

Four Seasons Johannesburg Deluxe One Bedroom Suite

(Image Source: Four Seasons Johannesburg /

Visiting Potsdam is a real secret tip.

Dutch Quarter Potsdam

Ever dreamed of lying on sand at Miami beach? Consider the Hilton Cabana Beach Miami to fulfill your dream trip.

Hilton Cabana Miami Beach Pool

(Image Source: Hilton Cabana Miami Beach /

Moritz never has excuses for not running whatever weather and was rewarded with a great run in Stockholm.


Helsinki in winter definitely is cold, but a snow paradise. See what to do in winter.

Helsinki Cathedral

One of the most expensive and most cozy houses of New York, The Greenwich Hotel, was reviewed.

The Greenwich New York Room

How to judge the third party SkyCourt Lounge at Budapest Airport can be read here.

SkyCourt Lounge Budapest Newspapers

Bremen has a conspicuous landmark to offer. The mill became our photo of the week!

Mill in Bremen



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