Luxembourg: Top things to do and see

Luxembourg is the capital of the same-named country and one of the headquarters of the European Union. Many institutions can be seen, but not to forget about Luxembourg’s unique cityscape in which its past can be seen. Our top things to do and see in Luxembourg!

  1. Climb up and down Ville Basse and Haute!

Ville Haute which can be translated to Higher City is the core of the medieval town and offers awesome views of Ville Basse (= Lower City).

View of Ville Basse

View of Ville Basse

Worth mentioning is that Ville Basse is very photogenic as well!

  1. Stroll around in the pedestrian zone!

Being located in Ville Haute, the pedestrian zone of Luxembourg leads through medieval buildings, small streets and past several shops.

Pedestrian Zone Luxembourg

Pedestrian Zone

Whether for just experiencing the charm of the city or for shopping, the pedestrian zone is a must-see. What you will discover additionally is the Bierger-Center, some churches, Place de Guillaume and so on.

  1. See the Monument of National Unity!

Monument to National Unity 2

  1. Go to the European District / Kirchberg Quarter!

As many institutions of the European Union are located in Luxembourg, there is something which has been called European District.

Kirchberg Quarter

Visiting on weekends, it is somewhat a ghost city as nobody will be seen. During the week, it is lively and staying at a hotel is significantly more expensive.

  1. Admire the philharmonic of Luxembourg!

Also located at Kirchberg Quarter is the philharmonic.


We figured that the design is very interesting and modern!

  1. Lawyer? Judge? Whatever, visit the Court of Justice Luxembourg!

After all the institutions of the European Union located in Luxembourg, it may be easy to forget about the “local” things to see.

Court of Justice Luxembourg

Court of Justice Luxembourg

Luxembourg has its own Court of Justice, which is way more beautiful from the outside than the European pendant. Logically, this is not located at Kirchberg Quarter, but in Ville Haute of Luxembourg.


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  1. Been there in Summer and it is a wonderful city. I have also written a post about it. I would like to go back some day, and also see the countryside and the vineyards,

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