Running in Poznan

Poznan in Poland has a very interesting and also extensive old town. However, as our hotel for this particular trip was located in a neighborhood a little further away from the old town, I decided to go for a nature run which I combined with watching the daily life of the people living in Poznan. Even though this run was no sightseeing run like many else I do, I utterly enjoyed running in Poznan!

Starting at City Park Hotel & Residence Poznan meant that running in the old town was no option as this one is located four kilometers away.

  • Distance: 6.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 30 Meters
  • Calories burned: 350-450
  • Month: May
  • Weather: Clear Sky

However, I was looking forward to a special running tour on this sunny Sunday morning.

My jogging route through Poznan (tracked by Runtastic)

My jogging route through Poznan (tracked by Runtastic)

As all the clouds from the day before just faded away, I decided that some parks would make my run amazing even without coming close to the city center.

Hala Arena and Park Kasprowicza

Poznan has a lot of history which can be admired especially in the city center.

My run started in a beautiful park

My run started in a beautiful park

However, there are some sights in other neighborhoods as well. One is the Hala Arena which is mostly mentioned solely as Arena.

Hala Arena is a well-known sports venue

Hala Arena is a well-known sports venue

It’s a sports venue which is not only housing several sport events, but also hosted a concert of the Rolling Stones in the past!

Moreover, it got a really interesting architecture and is definitely worth admiring. As Hala Arena is located right in the Park Jana Kasprowicza which is one of the largest in Poznan, I also decided to explore the nature for some time!

Residential areas in Poznan

The park is very nice for running and has a lot of different paths. So if you just like to run in the nature for some kilometers, you’ll be fine.

Personally, I wanted to see some more of the area and decided to run along the popular street “Grunwaldska”.

The streets in the residential areas of Poznan are beautiful

The streets in the residential areas of Poznan are beautiful

It was quite interesting to see the residential areas which mainly stem from the times of communism.

Some buildings instead are not at all

Some buildings instead are not beautiful at all

Besides, I encountered the “Stare Zoo” which translates as “Old Zoo”. It’s so small that you won’t believe it’s actually a zoo.

It dates back to the 19th century and was operated without interruption till today. Nowadays, Poznan got a second zoo in another location, but decided to not close the existing one.

Monument of Woodrow Wilson

On my way back, I crossed Woodrow Wilson Park which caught my attention due to its name.

Nice residential areas on my way to Woodrow WIlson Park

Nice residential areas on my way to Woodrow Wilson Park

I was a little surprised to find a monument for Wilson in Poznan as I didn’t really connect Poznan with the 28th president of the US.

Monument of Woodrow Wilson

Large monument in the Woodrow Wilson Park Poznan

Afterwards, I recognized that Wilson supported the Polish autonomy. The park itself was actually more amazing than the monument.

I especially enjoyed the little lake which was beautiful. Last but not least, I admired some more residential buildings to end my run through Poznan.

Even though this one was a little less impressive than many runs I did in other cities, it was quite interesting nevertheless. History and nature are always a great combination!


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