City Guide: Wroclaw

Wroclaw is probably not the first city you think of when travelling Europe or even Poland. Anyways, this should really be considered as the city which has a very troubled past in the southwest of Poland definitely is worth a visit. Especially the old town with many colorful buildings, but also so-called Cathedral Island and many other attractions are worth visiting.

Even though Wroclaw has about 700,000 inhabitants, it is not a problem at all to discover the city by foot depending on where your hotel is. But once being in the heart of Wroclaw, just go out and have fun!

Strolling around in the old town

Although Wroclaw was damaged heavily during WWII, this is nothing you will recognize when being in the city of Wroclaw.

Nowadays, especially the core of the city shines more than ever. With colorful and old buildings, the old town is where tourism is concentrated. However, the old town is no place to avoid at all. We were aware of the touristic prices and decided to not support it, but that’s something everybody has to decide for oneself.

Wroclaw’s Churches

There are barely any cities which can be compared to the city of Wroclaw when it comes to impressive churches.

Most of them can be found on the so-called Cathedral Island, others are located in or near the old town of Wroclaw. Even though we are no religious people, we still admire the impressive architecture and respect the value these houses represent.

Bricklayer’s Bastion

It’s been only a short walk “up”. Halfway can be found some information about what is seen.

Bricklayer's Bastion 3

When we first saw it, we desired immediately to go up and to discover more.

Later, we didn’t regret this decision as the views we enjoyed up of Wroclaw were awesome!

Plus, this is a real gem as barely anybody knows about it.

Searching for hidden places

When strolling around, we always happen to move off the beaten track. Sweet cobblestoned small streets make this very easy in Wroclaw. However, what is very cute are the stoned animals.


However, after having been so long in the city of Wroclaw, we didn’t forget about checking out the nature sides of the city!

Statue 2

Crossing bridges and bridges and …

Wroclaw may not be literally like Venice, even though being called the Venice of the North, but has many bridges! One of those is the Sand Bridge.

Honestly, I only remember it because of its name which didn’t rely in my opinion on how it looks, but well.

Some more impressions

The beautiful city of Wroclaw we reviewed this time has much more to offer. Last but not least, here are some more impressions!

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  1. I was living in a small town next to Wroclaw for a couple of months and it’s truly a gem that not too many people know!

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