City Guide: Poznan

Poznan is a city rarely anyone knows about even though it is as beautiful, if not even lovelier, as other Polish cities we reviewed so far. As Poznan was considered for being the European Capital of Culture in 2016, you can imagine that there is a lot to see! Cathedral Island, Maltanka, Old Town with its Town Hall and special goats …

Leaving the City Park Hotel & Residences Poznan, we immediately stumbled upon a park and a market which happened to take place in there.

Park in Poznan

Market in Poznan, Poland

Moreover, we discovered the Palmiarnia, something we already knew from Zielona Góra.

Palmiarnia Poznan

What can be expected are palms and a very tropical feeling!

Discovering the Old Town

The heart of Poznan is its Old Town. Colorful buildings, several restaurants and bars, generously sized squares and so on and so on.

Be sure to search for this special fountain!


Fountain 3

What is also very interesting is this building:


In there, there is a Starbucks located, so here’s the motivation to admire it!

Poznan’s Town Hall with goats

Poznan is very famous for its Town Hall at 12 am. As soon as it is noon, two goats come out of the town hall.

Each chime they push their horns together.

Goats Town Hall Poznan

During the spectacle, the square is crowded, so be sure to arrive early!

Poznan, a university city

Next to the town hall, Poznan is also known for being a university city. The buildings are very impressive indeed!

When we visited, we were lucky enough to see some graduates coming to vanish inside the building for getting their celebration. The robes were just stunning…

Opera and the park in front

Right next to the university buildings is a huge park with an artistically fountain and very colorful flowers!

University and Statue


Strolling around in there feels like a little oasis, even though it is anything but big.

Opera in Poznan

Soon, the Opera can be seen, reached and admired.

Discovering Imperial Castle

Just following our feet wherever they led us, we found the Imperial Castle in Poznan.

Imperial Castle Poznan

At first, we weren’t too sure whether it was allowed to go in the atrium, but as nobody minded, we chose yes as our answer. However, we found a kind of creepy statue.

Memorial Imperial Castle Poznan

There were just no heads.

Heading to Cathedral Island

Next, we went over the bridge to the so-called Cathedral Island.


It is easy to guess where the name comes from as just many cathedrals can be found there. One of those is the Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul.

Moreover, the Porta Posnania can be seen, an interesting grey architectural something.

Porta Posnania

When strolling around, we discovered different perspectives of the churches.

Seeing sweet Maltanka

Maltanka is a historic train operating three stops in total from Rondo Sródka to Nowe Zoo.

Maltanka 2


Doing that, we were pretty far away from our hotel and the actual city center, so we enjoyed some last minutes there before we turned around. See you next time, Poznan!


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