Looking back on week 47

Summertime is travel time! Traveling Europe is exciting, but did you consider Eastern Europe? Here are some helpful guides like Transportation in Riga as well as hotel, lounge and city reviews to get an idea where to head to. Enjoy and plan your next trip!

Comparatively cheap and efficient. Here’s how to get around in Riga!

Tram Riga

Wondering where to sleep in Budapest? This review may give you your answer!

Hilton Budapest City Executive Room

Staying in Eastern Europe, this time Poland: Our city review of Wroclaw!

Old Town Wroclaw

Changing the continent to Asia: Dream yourself away to the newest Mandarin Oriental in Shanghai!

Mandarin Oriental Shanghai Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room (Image Source: Mandarin Oriental Shanghai / mandarinoriental.com)

Departing from Vilnius and having enough time for visiting a lounge. Check out whether the IDW Esperanza lounge is worth it!

IDW Esperanza Lounge Vilnius Seating

The City Park Hotel in Poznan, Poland, was a luxury property of another kind.


Traveling Germany on board a train. Is it worth paying the extra fee for a first class ticket in an InterCity?

IC Hohenzollernbrücke

First impressions of a hidden gem: the A-ROSA Scharmützelsee…

Bed a-rosa Scharmützelsee

… and the nature around it!

Lake Scharmützel

However, our top things to do and see in Malmö might be an inspiration to travel there, too!

Statue in Malmö

Last but not least, we show you a swan – in the heart of Prague actually!


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