Airport Guide: Vilnius Airport

Vilnius Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Europe. With close to three million passengers, Vilnius Airport is only the second biggest airport in the Baltic States. However, there are several international connections between Vilnius and other capitals in Europe. Especially low-cost carriers dominate the market at Vilnius Airport which is quite enjoyable for passengers.

With just one runway and one terminal, Vilnius Airport is one of the easier airports to deal with in Europe. The airport is owned by the Lithuanian government and was fully renovated in the early 2000’s. The terminal which was opened in 2007 is quite modern and offers modern check-in areas, six jet bridges, shopping areas as well as passenger lounges.

Ryanair placs a key role at Vilnius Airport

Ryanair plays a key role at Vilnius Airport

After Air Lituanica was shut down in May 2015, the biggest carriers at Vilnius Airport are Ryanair, Wizz Air, Small Planet Airlines and Air Baltic. Besides, some network carriers like LOT, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Ukraine International Airlines also offer direct flights to Vilnius.

Largest carriers at Vilnius Airport:

  • Air Baltic: Amsterdam and Riga; large expansion in September 2015
  • Ryanair: Several destinations throughout Europe
  • Small Planet Airlines: Several charter destinations in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Wizz Air: Several destinations throughout Europe

Shopping and eating at Vilnius Airport

With Vilnius Airport being quite small, there are just two hands full of shops. Most of these are either offering Duty Free items or jewelry including amber which is quite popular in Vilnius. Moreover, there are souvenir shops, florists as well as book and newspaper shops.

There are dozens of shops at Vilnius Airport

There are dozens of shops at Vilnius Airport

The choice of dining outlets at Vilnius Airport is quite good. There are several known brands like Subway, Coffee Republic and Heineken present, but there’s also a choice of independent bars, restaurants and cafés available where passengers can grab a pre-flight snack.

Sleeping at Vilnius Airport

Vilnius Airport has no dedicated sleeping facilities inside the terminal. However, passengers may sleep on the benches as this is not forbidden. For a more comfortable night, several hotels are available in the proximity. The closest one is Hotel AirInn Vilnius which is located right next to the airport building. Other choices include the hotels Adelita, Motel Eggs, Amicus and Campanile Vilnius Airport.

AirInn Hotel is located right next to the terminal

AirInn Hotel is located right next to the terminal

All mentioned hotels got a three star rating and are very affordable at most dates. Be aware that not all hotels offer shuttle service even though they are necessary to get to the hotel as only Hotel AirInn Vilnius is in walking distance from the terminal.

Lounges at Vilnius Airport

Vilnius Airport offers passengers a so-called VIP Service which comes with special treatment and a special lounge, but is hardly affordable for normal travelers. The only “normal” lounge at Vilnius Lounge is IDW Esperanza Lounge Vilnius which is operated by a hotel which is located close to the capital of Lithuania and offers a very good overall experience.

IDW Esperanza Lounge Vilnius Seating

IDW Esperanza Lounge is decent for a third-party lounge

The lounge is accessible for all business class passengers and frequent flyer card holders of airlines departing from Vilnius. Moreover, Priority Pass and Diners Club card holders got access. Last but not least, you may also buy access to the lounge for 23 Euro (~ 25 US-Dollar) when booking in advance or 26 Euro (~ 28 US-Dollar) when paying at the reception.

Transportation at Vilnius Airport

Vilnius Airport offers two different ways to get to the city center by using public transportation. First, there are several different bus lines which connect the airport with the central station (Lines 1 & 2), the city center (Line 3G) and the old town (Line 88). Second, there is a train station right next to the airport which offers direct connections to the Central Station of Vilnius.

The rails are located a five minute walk away from the airport

The rails are located a five minute walk away from the airport

Taking the train is the cheapest and fastest way to get to the city. One-way tickets for the trains cost 0.75 Euro (~ 0.80 US-Dollar) while bus tickets bought by the driver cost 1 Euro (~ 1.10 US-Dollar). You may also take a taxi to the city center. The fare from the old town to the airport is approximately 10 Euro (~ 11 US-Dollar).

  • Trains to the city center cost 0.75 Euro (~ 0.80 US-Dollar)
  • Buses to the city center cost 1 Euro (~ 1.10 US-Dollar)
  • Taxi rides to the city center cost 10 Euro (~ 11 US-Dollar)


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