Cologne: Top things to do and see

Cologne is not only one of the biggest cities in Germany, but also one of the oldest. Considering archaeological discoveries, Cologne was found by the Romans! Whether it is testimonials from the old times or architectural masterpieces of this century, museums to indulge in the stories behind or just the Rhine – Cologne has a lot to offer! So, be curious about the top things to do and see in the city of Cologne!

  1. Marvel at Cologne Cathedral

Since 1996, Cologne Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, it is the second biggest cathedral in Europe and the third biggest in the whole world with a height of 157 meter!

Getting a good photo of it from the outside may be hard as well as it is so big. You will find it right next to the Central Station.

  1. Cross the Hohenzollern Bridge

Special about the Hohenzollern Bridge is the fact that it is not for cars to cross, but for trains. Pedestrians have the possibility to cross the Rhine next to the rails on a seduced sidewalk.

Hohenzollernbrücke Cologne

Doing that, you will see thousands of locks, colorful locks!

Locks 3

Nevertheless, this is a problem as well as the additional weight of these locks the bridge has to carry should not be underestimated. However, one of the most stunning views of Cologne can be enjoyed from one side, not to forget about the panorama!

  1. Step on the Philharmonic

This is actually not a joke. The philharmonic in Cologne is located under a square, which means that thousands of pedestrians may step on it a day. Condition, however, is that no rehearsal of performance takes place.

Philharmonic in Cologne

Philharmonic in Cologne

Due to steps disturbing the acoustic, it is forbidden to step on the “roof”.

  1. Shop at Heumarkt/Neumarkt

Being a huge pedestrian zone with thousands of shops for every budget, Heumarkt as well as Neumarkt are perfect spots for shopping in the heart of Cologne!

Moreover, these places are very easy to reach via public transportation.

  1. Stroll around in the Old Town

It may not be comparable to Prague, but the city of Cologne has still beauty in its old town to offer.

Small streets, spontaneously cobblestoned, public art once in a while, …

  1. Visit the Chocolate Museum

(Almost) everyone loves chocolate, so why not inform yourself where it comes from, when it was discovered, how it is made, what kinds of chocolate exist or anything alike?

I fell in love with this museum when I was a small kid and can highly recommend it!

  1. Gawk at architecture above the Rhine

According to locals, these buildings are called “Kranhäuser” (crane houses) due to their appearance.

Kranhäuser in Cologne

Interesting? Indeed. Affordable? By no means!

  1. Take a break in the Stadtwald

Cologne is known for being an Olympic Training Center – beach volleyball, swimming, athletics and much more. The actual buildings are surrounded/at the end of a rambling urban forest. Perfect for jogging, walking, strolling around or going for a walk with a dog!

  1. See the “Rhein-Energie-Stadion”

Once being in the urban forest, it is no afford to look at the stadium of the local soccer club. Games at the World Cup 2006 have taken place there as well. Go for it!


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