Porto: Top things to do and see

Porto, sometimes also called Oporto, is the third biggest city in Portugal after Lisbon and Vila Nova de Gaia. Many “secret” corners. interesting buildings, unique memorials and local cuisine are part of the top things to do and see in Porto!

  1. Admire Ponte Dom Luís I.

This bridge connects the city of Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia. Special about Ponte Dom Luís I. is the fact that it has two levels.

The upper level of Ponte Dom Luís I. is for trams, whereas the lower level serves normal traffic like cars. Both levels are also accessible for pedestrians. It might be interesting to know that construction works began in the late 19th century!

  1. Visit Vila Nova de Gaia

Even though Vila Nova de Gaia is bigger than Porto in regard of the number of inhabitants and thus the second biggest city of Portugal, it is less known than Porto itself.

Nevertheless, I didn’t even notice it being two different cities until someone told me as they are so close. Side note: The popular Port wine originally comes from Vila Nova de Gaia and not from Porto. Thus, interesting wine cellars can be visited there.

  1. Catch a glance at Casa da Música

Philharmonics or in this case Casa da Música is always something I recommend to catch a glance at. The reason is simple: In my opinion, it is always interesting to see the creativity and intelligence of the architects and their ideas how to provide the best acoustics inside. Accordingly, the building looks beautiful from the outside, too.

  1. Taste the famous Port Wine

All I can say is that this wine really is sweet. But, as I recognized, it is not everyone’s taste. On the other hand: What is everyone’s taste?

Port Wine was part of our Welcome Treatment at Porto Palacio

Port Wine was part of our Welcome Treatment at Porto Palacio

Figure out whether you like it or not with a sweet sip!

  1. Promenade along the Douro

Flowing through Spain and Portugal, the Douro is one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. As the Douro also separates Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, it is enjoyable to spend some time along it.


Which side of it doesn’t matter in the first place.

  1. Churches in Porto

Most famous is Sé do Porto, the main cathedral in Porto. It has been added to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1996. Other churches free to admire are the Church of Saint Ildefonso and Clérigos Church.

Clérigos Tower Porto, Portugal

Clérigos Tower

Church of Saint Ildefonso Porto, Portgugal

Church of Saint Ildefonso

  1. Enjoy a sunset near Castelo do Queijo

Far away from the city center the Castelo do Queijo, best translated as Castle of Cheese, can be found.

Castelo do Queijo Porto, Portugal

Castelo do Queijo

Being located next to the beach and the sea, incredible sunsets can be enjoyed there.

  1. Hold on a second for Mourning Women

A memorial I barely find at all in the Internet.

Mourning women

Mourning women

However, I read that they were mourning about their men who did not come home again after a storm on the sea.

  1. Capture Porto’s Town Hall

Porto’s Town Hall consists of impressive decoration of marble and granite in the inside.

City Hall Porto

It is also possible to climb the 70 stairs up the tower!


Interested in more content about Porto? Check out our city page!


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  1. I am waiting for them to finish building PlanIT Valley (been waiting since 2010) before I make the trip to Porto. They’re taking their sweet*** time building it for sure.

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