Transportation in Potsdam

Transportation in Potsdam is highly connected to public transportation in Berlin. As Potsdam is just a few kilometers away from Berlin, the S-Bahn trains and several bus lines got stations in both, Potsdam and Berlin. Nevertheless, there’s also a large transportation system for Potsdam alone. This one is including several tram lines as well as buses.

Potsdam is always in the shadows of Berlin, but visiting the city is totally worth it nevertheless. When it comes to transportation, the proximity to Berlin is great for passengers. From Potsdam Central Station, several regional trains and commuter trains (S-Bahn) with the direction of Berlin may be boarded every few minutes.

Several commuter trains stop in Potsdam

Several commuter trains stop in Potsdam

There are also some other regional trains to destinations like Magdeburg in other directions than Berlin. As Potsdam is included in the S-Bahn system of Berlin, the city does not have an own commuter rail system.

Trams in Potsdam

The most important means of transportation in Potsdam is the tram. There are seven lines in total with only five operating on all days of the week. Lines 98 and 99 both serve as support lines in rush hour and only operate in rush hour. All seven lines got seven stops including Potsdam Central Station in common.

All trams in Potsdam are accessible

All trams in Potsdam are accessible

These seven stops are some of the most important stops in the city center of Potsdam and are heavily used for interchange in-between the lines. At Central Station, there are also several connections to commuter rail services and buses available.

Tram lines in Potsdam:

  • Line 91: Bahnhof Pirschheide <-> Bahnhof Rehbrücke
  • Line 92: Bornstedt <-> Marie-Juchacz-Straße
  • Line 93: Glienicker Brücke <-> Bahnhof Rehbrücke
  • Line 94: Schloss Charlottenhof <-> Fontanestraße
  • Line 96: Viereckremise <-> Marie-Juchacz-Straße
  • Line 98: Bahnhof Pirschheide <-> Marie-Juchacz-Straße
  • Line 99: Fotanestraße <-> Marie-Juchacz-Straße

Buses in Potsdam

Potsdam has more than 20 bus lines including two express lines. The X5 express line is operating between Bahnhof Gold and Potsdam Central Station (from October to July) and line X15 is operating between Potsdam Central Station and the most important touristic destination Schloss Sanssouci (from May to October).

Most buses in Potsdam are very lage

Most buses in Potsdam are very large

All other bus lines operate all year long with most of them having stops either in the city center or at Potsdam Central Station. Tickets are available starting from 1.40 Euro (~ 1.55 US-Dollar) for short rides and 1.90 Euro for normal rides (~ 2.10 US-Dollar). As Potsdam uses a fare system for buses and trams, the prices vary depending on where you board and de-board.

Taxis in Potsdam

Taxis in Potsdam are painted in a light yellow like everywhere in Germany. Usually, taxis are very modern and convenient. Most taxi drivers got either Mercedes, Audi or Volkswagen cars. Nevertheless, the prices for taxis in Potsdam are quite stiff.

As everywhere in Germany, taxis are expensive in Potsdam

As everywhere in Germany, taxis are expensive in Potsdam

The base fare is 3.50 Euro (~ 3.85 US-Dollar) and every further kilometer is charged 1.90 Euro (~ 2.10 US-Dollar) for the first three kilometers and 1.70 Euro (~ 1.85 US-Dollar) starting with the fourth kilometer. There are several surcharges for things like credit card payment, rides at nighttime and parties of more than four people.

  • The base fare is 3.50 Euro (~ 3.85 US-Dollar)
  • Every further kilometers is charged 1.90 Euro (~ 2.10 US-Dollar) or 1.70 Euro (~ 1.85 US-Dollar)
  • Surcharges and other fares

Other means of transport in Potsdam

Potsdam is a very environmental friendly city. That’s why tourists can find city bikes on several different spots throughout the city. Another interesting mode of transportation is the ferry service which may be accessed with public transportation tickets.

You can find city bikes at several different spots in Potsdam

You can find city bikes at several different spots in Potsdam

It’s operating between Auf dem Kiewitt and Hermannswerder, but doesn’t operate very frequently. Besides, there are also several boat tours that may be combined with boat tours in Berlin!


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