Running in Wroclaw

Running in Wroclaw was quite enjoyable – if you leave out my problems with the GPS. Even though it was a short run anyway, I was surprised to only find one kilometer mapped after my run. Yet, this is not too much of a problem as I was running in a large park anyway. Due to that, it doesn’t really matter whether you exactly follow my route as you’ll enjoy the run anyway!

Wroclaw’s Southern Park (Park Południowy) is 25 hectare wide and one of the largest parks in the city.

  • Distance: 5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 25 Meters
  • Calories burned: 250-350
  • Month: May
  • Weather: Sunny

As we stayed at Platinum Palace Wroclaw, it was obvious that I’ll go running in the Southern Park which looked quite good at first sight. Besides my problems with the GPS, the run was a real pleasure.

Running in Wroclaw

Map of my jogging route through Wroclaw (partly tracked by Runtastic)

The good weather had its influence, but I believe that the park is lovely even when the weather is not perfect.

Flowers, nature and animals

Running in Wroclaw was one of the few runs I took where sightseeing is pretty much non-existent.

Running in Wroclaw

My starting point: Platinum Palace Wroclaw

However, sometimes running in the nature is at least as amazing as exploring new parts of cities while running.

Running in Wroclaw

The running pathes in the Southern Park are very good

In this case, I don’t regret taking the decision to run in the Southern Park as the routes were in a very good condition and the nature was absolutely lovely.

I even encountered some animals like hedgehogs and squirrels. Not to forget about the beautiful flowers that may be found everywhere in the park.

Water and monuments

As most large parks, the Southern Park in Wroclaw also has a large lake which is located pretty much in the middle of the park.

Running in Wroclaw

The lake in the middle of the Southern Park

There are also some beautiful fountains that are worth watching. With the sun shining, the scenery was absolutely lovely which made me enjoy running in Wroclaw even more.

As the park is not too big, I decided to also cross the street that separates the park into a southern and a northern part.

Running in Wroclaw

One of many interesting monuments in the park

The southern one is quite small, but has some interesting flowerbeds and monuments. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Lovely views and dog contests

The views when I went back to the hotel were absolutely stunning, especially when I was arriving at the lake once again.

Running in Wroclaw

Such a nice scenery: Lake in the Southern Park

Also, the little river I crossed next to the lake made a lovely scenery. Moreover, I had to giggle when I recognized that while I ran in the park, a dog contest took part in the Southern Park.

As a huge dog lover who knows events like that, it was very funny to watch and perfectly complemented my run in Wroclaw.

Running in Wroclaw

Back at my starting point

If you got some spare time and you are not staying too far away from Southern Park, you should definitely spend some time in the beautiful nature!


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  1. Beautiful park! I never even realized it was there when I visited Wroclaw. Its great to find some nature and solitude in a bustling city.

    • It’s a bit far away from the city center, but it’s lovely indeed! You should give it a try when visiting Wroclaw for the next time 🙂

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