Lounge Review: DB Lounge Hamburg

In general, lounge reviews aren’t rare on traveluxblog. What’s rare are reviews of train lounges. However, this isn’t a surprise as there are just not many train operators which also offer lounges. One of the few is Deutsche Bahn, the main operator of trains in Germany. As we had a short stop in Hamburg on our journeys, we decided to also review the DB Lounge Hamburg.

Access to the DB Lounge Hamburg is limited to travelers in first class and those holding a frequent traveler card (bahn.bonus). This isn’t a bad thing at all as the lounges are not crowded usually, making staying there quite comfortable. The DB Lounge Hamburg is one of the few lounges of the Deutsche Bahn with two different areas: One for frequent travelers (second class) and one for first class passengers. Especially the latter can benefit from that feature as there is complimentary drinks and dining service available in the first class section.

Seating in the DB Lounge Hamburg

There is no difference between the second class area and the first class area of the DB Lounge Hamburg when it comes to seating. As in all DB Lounges, there are red leather seats which are not uncomfortable, but not the chairs to sit in for hours either. Most got a small table attached where you can put on your drinks.

DB Lounge Hamburg Seating

The first class and second class seating look the same

Moreover, there is a business area in the back of the lounge. However, this does neither mean that computers awaityou nor that there would be wired internet access. It’s more like an area with different tables and different chairs. Yet, it is worth noting that these office chairs are actually quite comfortable and make working easier.

Food in the DB Lounge Hamburg

While there is no difference between the areas when it comes to seating, the food options are very different. In the second class area, there is actually only a self-service kiosk with soft drinks, tea and coffee with no snacks at all available. The first class area instead comes with a full service including food and drinks which are served by a waitress or a waiter.

Food in the First Class Lounge

Fruit salad, orange juice and cappuccino are served in the first class area

The drink selection ranges from soft drinks and hot drinks to alcoholic beverages and juices. When it comes to food, there is a choice of several different hold and cold items like sandwiches, fruit salad and soups. Even though there is no difference in the offerings throughout the lounge, the taste is decent in my opinion which totally makes up for the lack of choice.

Entertainment in the DB Lounge Hamburg

As already mentioned, the so-called business corner of the DB Lounge Hamburg is nothing to write home about. However, there are two other entertainment options. One is a television which is located in the second class area. It’s showing news on mute.

Choice of newspapers in the DB Lounge

Choice of newspapers in the DB Lounge

Moreover, there is a choice of newspapers to grab and read inside the lounge (taking them away is forbidden). Sadly, there are only German newspapers available in the DB Lounge Hamburg which is surprising as several ICE trains in the direction of Denmark are departing in Hamburg. Newspapers are available in both areas of the lounge.

Bottom line DB Lounge Hamburg

I’m sorry for the lack of good photos in this review (this review in German has some way better pictures), but when we were in the lounge it was very crowded in the first class section and we were in an extreme hurry. As you can see, we decided to check out the lounge nevertheless as I’m someone who really appreciates the first class sections of the DB Lounges.

DB Lounge Hamburg Restrooms

There are clean and modern restrooms inside the DB Lounge Hamburg

The DB Lounge Hamburg in particular is nothing special as there is no great view of the rails and the seating in the first class section is not really cozy, too. While service was a little bit hit or miss, the food offerings were good again. Overall, I’d definitely recommend to check out the DB Lounge Hamburg if you got a first class ticket with a stop, departure or arrival in Hamburg!


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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