City Guide: Szczecin

Szczecin is a city located on the German-Polish border. The polish city was destroyed heavily during World War II. At the moment, there are restoration works going on to restore its once lovely old town. Locals make fun of that when saying that the old town is not really old, but brand new. Unfortunately, Szczecin does not shine anymore like before the war and is not the first choice to visit when having seen Wroclaw, Poznan, Warszawa or Zielona Góra in comparison.

In order to improve our Polish skills, we decided to spend some weekends in the biggest Polish cities. As Szczecin was very easy for us to be reached by train, it was the last city on our Poland tour.

Getting some food at Galeria Kaskada

Having arrived very hungry, we grabbed the camera and soon found the Galeria Kaskada, a well-known and big mall in Szczecin.


Luckily, we didn’t forget something at home so we didn’t bother about shopping even though the opportunities would have been great. There’s a huge diversity of shops. Going back to my food topic: Several food shops can be found there, the prices are very reasonable if not cheap.

Discovering Szczecin’s Philharmonic

Admittedly, Szczecin has not many attractions to offer, but its philharmonic definitely is one of them.

It is called “Filharmonia Karlowicza” and the building itself looks very interesting!

Searching the Stare Miasto alias Old Town

As I already mentioned, Szczecin has no real old town.

Honestly, we just failed finding it when strolling around in the city of Szczecin.

Royal Gate Szczecin

Royal Gate Szczecin

But what we did find was the so-called Royal Gate. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to visit a museum, but were interested in the Muzeum Narodowe.

Royal Gate Szczecin

This is the national museum in which you can learn a lot about Szczecin and especially its history.

Religious monuments in Szczecin

Poland per se is a very catholic country, thus we were not surprised to find several churches in Polish cities. Szczecin is no exception.

What we found were the Cathedral Church of St. Jacob and the Church of John the Evangelist.

Historical landmarks

Our time in Szczecin came to an end when we finally discovered several beautiful buildings right next  to the river.

It’s not the Pomerania Duke’s Castle as you may expect. Instead, the three castle-like buildings are the Szczecin Voivodeship Office, the National Museum and the Maritime University of Szczecin.

Oder Szczecin

View of the river Oder in Szczecin

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful places Szczecin has to offer. Right behind the castle like buildings the Akademia Morska can be admired.

Akademia Morska Szczecin

Maritime University in Szczecin

This can be translated as Maritime University in Szczecin and has a long tradition. Last but not least, in front of the Philharmonic is a really nice square with a monument on it.


Time was limited and I’m sure we missed something out, but we wanted to share our experience anyways. So, here’s a gallery of more impressions!

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