Running in Bremen

Running in Bremen

Running in Bremen is a recommendable experience for everyone who loves nature and sports. As Bremen is one of the greenest cities in Germany, you’ll always find a perfect route. Mine, for example, led me along the “Wallanlagen”, over to the river with a small detour to the city center and the old town and back again along the Wallanlagen. Absolutely enjoyable and fully recommendable.

I was lucky enough to go running in Bremen on a sunny Sunday morning. That meant that I was able to enjoy the beauty of the city and the lovely flair of its nature to the utmost.

  • Distance: 6.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 40 Meters
  • Calories burned: 350-450
  • Month: June
  • Weather: Sunny

As I was aware of the fact that Bremen is a very green city, I decided to run along the Wallanlagen which are located on the Northern side of the city center which is surrounded by the Weser and a small river.

Running in Bremen

Map of my jogging route through Bremen (tracked by Runtastic)

Lucky enough, starting at Swissôtel Bremen, I was able to instantly enjoy the nature after leaving the hotel.

Nature, water and windmills

The Wallanlagen in Bremen are a several kilometers long connected park which is amazing for running.

A perfect first view to start a run

A perfect first view to start a run

While running there, you don’t even recognize that you are actually running in a city. Directly opposite of the Swissôtel Bremen where I started the run, there is an interesting windmill with hundreds of flowers in front of it.

Lovely windmill and hundreds of flowers

Lovely windmill and hundreds of flowers

If every run would start with such a beautiful scenery, I’d go running several times every day.

After one kilometer, I decided to leave the Wallanlagen nevertheless to also see something of the other side of Bremen’s old town.

Running along the river

After running in the city for just a few hundred meters, I was back at the water.

On this side of the old town, you can find the Weser. The river is quite large and offers a nice scenery for running.

Running next to the Weser is very nice

Running next to the Weser is very nice

Even though there are only a few natural running paths along the Weser, the scenery is beautiful.

The running path next to the Weser

The running path next to the Weser

You may either admire a historic ship which serves as a restaurant nowadays or historic buildings on the other side of the river.

At the same time, you may enjoy the promenade with its many shops and restaurants.

Detour to the city center

As I love the combination of running in nature and admiring the city center while running, I went for a little detour that led me to the old town of Bremen.

Bremen Town Hall

Bremen Town Hall

With all the important sights being located just a few hundred meters away from the Weser, a little side trip for sightseeing is definitely recommendable.

Even though it took less than 10 minutes, I had the chance to have a glimpse on the town hall, the beautiful cathedral, the Town Musicians of Bremen and many more amazing buildings.

Back through the nature

After my little detour, I continued running along the Weser for another few hundred meters.

At that point, I got aware of the fact that running in Bremen would also be enjoyable for longer distances. My last view of the large and extensive parks which stretch out several kilometers along the river was just lovely and made me regret that I went running without planning enough time to fully enjoy a run of more than 10 kilometers.

Endless opportunities for running in nature

Endless opportunities for running in nature

Yet, the way back in the parks of the Wallanlagen next to the little river were very enjoyable, too. Overall, I absolutely loved running in Bremen.

There are few cities where it’s so easy to combine running in the nature with sightseeing!


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